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Recommended PPSSPP Games Thread
12-14-2014, 06:48 PM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2014 06:54 PM by Trokinos.)
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RE: Recommended PPSSPP Games Thread
Gladiator Begins
This game really surprised me, i didn't expected it to get me playing it again and again, character design is amazing and of excellent quality, the animations are great and the fights are very dynamic and portray very well the brutality of the time and the place.
The genius of the game that makes it so replayable is that you improve your character and weaponry constantly, getting more levels, selecting different skills active or passive and distributing skill points in them differently through several replay of the campaign.
And there are battles that will very likely crush you on your 1st campaign , and are obviously there for characters that have been already benefitting for previous victorious run.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Another excellent surprise, i was wondering why it was so popular but when i started to play i finally understood. It's a bit grindy but it's very rewarding as the environment is so atmospheric and awe inspiring that moving in those spaces isn't a chore at all but a pleasure.
Then after experimenting with crafting items from combining the results of your hunts and various findings, you'll find yourself equipped better and better, allowing yourself to try to hunt the bigger game without being savagely destroyed.
But lots of challenge still as past the minor preys, you really have to play your best in order to get the rewards.
I wish it was possible to get companions on some hunts (i mean not the barely useful cats , but other NPC hunters ), could sure use some help against some of the big nasty Big Grin

God Eaters Burst
In the same genre of MHFU , hub for mission selection then a monster hunt, this one benefit from many storyline cutscenes, making the characters populating the hub more alive. And you're not hunting alone, you are part of a team on the field, big difference with MHFU
But while monsters are very impressive and the gameplay is still fun, the character design is awful, i know the devs were trying to go for a classic "anime" style but with all those male soldiers that wear androgynous cloth and looks like they're all 12 years old, female soldiers that wear ridiculous fashioned skimpy clothes for no reason considering the cold, rainy maps, it's very immersion breaking especially the atmosphere and story that is, while less realistic-feeling, much more "grimdark" than MHFU.
But fortunately the action makes it worth getting into it and ignore those silly character appearance.

3 games i highly recommend, though they can be hard to play at first if you're with only a keyboard, but it is still doable (i do) and really worth it even without a pad.
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