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Recommended PPSSPP Games Thread
11-27-2013, 03:59 AM
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RE: Recommended PPSSPP Games Thread
(11-24-2013 05:46 PM)Ritori Wrote:  
Quote:Yes,I hate RPG games without story and I tried Monster Hunter Freedom Unite but I wasn't able to find what's so special about this game.

Some people got different taste of genre Tongue when i first play Monster Hunter, i same as you hate game don't any storyline and stop play it in 1 star granny quest.
After i finish play God Eater Burst (Awesome game) i get interesting to MH game again because of GE battlesystem lol Tongue

Battle tactics perhaps?Huh I don't really have negative comment when i first play MHFU but of course repeating the same quest is quite annoying sometimes. But for me, what i like about MHFU is the Felyne characters (if im not mistake) which fun to watch lol.

Oh... and I like GEB too. the game play was epic Big Grin and the storyline is great too Big Grin Hopefully i will get GE2 soon Undecided

Then again, like Ritori said, different people have different taste of genre (or preferences)

o.o Oh Hi XD
P.S: Wanted to go to Japan so badly

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