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Make Letters look better
11-29-2017, 12:06 AM
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RE: Make Letters look better
(11-28-2017 06:22 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  So really if you dislike the results you can't do anything outside of accepting the fact that you're playing very old low res games or using texture replacing as mentioned at the start of this post - which is a feature that requires lots of manual work allowing you to create whatever you want althrough it's not perfect either as some textures might be very bothersome or impossible to replace due to weird ways of how some PSP games abuse textures.

Edit: Oh and also the lines around certain 2D graphics seen there are just artifacts related to using rendering resolution which game was not designed to run in. It will show in many psp games and the only "proper" way of fixing it is by using x1 render res, but both scaling and replacement can work around it.
I see. Well, thanks a lot for the answer. I think I'll just play like I've been playing so far; knowing what you told me, I think I'm just being to exquisite. Thanks a lot!!
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