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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - HD Textures
03-15-2021, 09:19 AM
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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - HD Textures
(11-11-2017 02:09 PM)WonkoTheSane Wrote:  Heya! Big Grin

Do we have an existing repo of HD textures for monster hunter portable 3rd? If so I'd like to contribute to it. (couldn't find one in search)
Been playing around with the texture replacement feature. I want to introduce a friend to the series but don't want him to need to switch back and forth to a resource map... So I attempted an HD map mod with resource indicators.
I'd like to compile a full HD texture pack, sourced from stuff done before as well as me filling in the blanks...
Let me know if you all think this is a useful idea or if you know of some good existing textures for this game.

Check it out here:


UI: ~40% done

HD Resource Maps:
Misty Peaks, Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains (+ sandy plains night), Deserted Island

Rathian, Great Jaggi, Gargwa, Zinogre, Lagombi, Bulldrome, Bullfango, Ludroth, Royal Ludroth, Volvidon, Nargacuga, Qurupeco

HD Map Textures:
Deserted Island ~60%
Sandy Plains ~25%

Hi there, i do need help with this, i know this forum is pretty unactive but im just gonna try my luck, its regarding the hash rate

hash xxh64 loads all the texture but not the monsters, on the other hand the hash = quick loads all the monsters textures but not the area textures, any workaround on this? thank you
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