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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - HD Textures
12-03-2017, 07:59 PM
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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - HD Textures
(12-03-2017 07:17 PM)kingvall Wrote:  I search icon in the game. I found icon in web but he is in vector so he have too simple design for use, i prefered use mh3u data but if i do not found the icon is better than nothing. Ho ludroth is realy good. Even more than the monsters in HD what I'm late for it is the weapons and armor in HD (femele armor XD).

Link for vector icon :

Cool thanks dude!

I think I probably need to find some order of operations.
What are people most likely to get in contact with in the game and what will have the biggest impact in the shortest time.

So far the textures i've played with are monsters, area/ground, armor and UI.

I think the monsters and the UI probably should take priority and get done first. It will give the most people the most useful visual feedback since it's the two things focused on the most.

So yeah thanks the higher res images will definitely come in useful when I do the icon spritesets, (unless someone else wants to jump in and help Smile )
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