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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - HD Textures
12-02-2017, 05:56 AM (This post was last modified: 12-02-2017 05:58 AM by WonkoTheSane.)
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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - HD Textures
Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

A combination of stuff so far.
If exact same texture exists somewhere in a higher quality I try and use that as a base (I've tried to extract from the wii version with some success and the wii u version of 3u with very little success).
If that texture is high enough quality I leave it as is.
If not I then try and upscale it with as much quality preserved as possible, depending on the texture i'll use XBR, WAIFU2X,'s magic or regular mode.. often a combination of those on the same texture for whatever bit needs it.

For some stuff I'm going a manual route. I'll use the base texture upscaled as reference and then either find similar looking textures online and overlay till it looks right, or make assets myself. These take a lot longer to do.

So I am currently going for the low hanging fruits on the maps. If you look at deserted island and sandy plains for instance you'll see it looks mostly HD cause the most used textures in the maps have been done.

Giggi, we should talk buddy. Send me some shots of your Yukumo village and we can maybe start adding the textures to the repo! Many hands makes light work you know Smile
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