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Fate/Extra [Android]
10-11-2017, 03:28 AM
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Fate/Extra [Android]
Hello there.

It's been a LONG while since I haven't posted here, so apologies if I'm infringing some rule over what gets posted where.

I've recently began playing Fate/Extra on my brand new Galaxy J7 Prime which I assume should be able to play emulated PPSSPP games with relative ease given its specs.

While the game is playable enough, there's quite a few shortcomings that are not necessarily dealbreakers, but are annoying as all hell and I was wondering if someone here knows if there's some particular setting that might alleviate those issues.

There are seemingly random frame-rate dips throught the experience, even though it performs perfectly on what I assume would be the most intense sections resource-wise (aka the actual battles). I can never get what exactly would be the reason for the hit in performance, sometimes a change in camera angle during a dialogue is enough to make the FPS drop from 30 all the way to 21 (or less) with the sound following along and getting all choppy and slow as well. It even happened during a segment that featured literally just a screen-sized text box and background image (you know, like in traditional Visual Novel), which just blows my mind as to how exactly would such a scene prove to be so tricky to emulate on my device.

Anyway, are there any ideas on how to possibly solve this, or is just what my phone can do? I fiddled around with pretty much all settings but I'm still not sure if I'm missing something. Changing the render resolution to 1x PSP seems to alleviate the problem a little bit, but it still features some inexplicable lag.
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