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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack (WIP) - Update (2019-02-03)
12-27-2017, 02:31 AM
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack (WIP) - Update (2017-12-25)
(12-26-2017 04:55 PM)MorrisonGamer Wrote:  Yep! I just noticed that you threw a upscaled version from PS2 on her character info. Even if it doesn't look that good compared to FemMC, it is still better than a substitute image! You're doing a great job man, this is awesome!

EDIT: By the way, I was playing around with trying to put some textures on Birth by Sleep, mostly copy paste to waifu2x and then replaced with the usual Hashes thing, and interesting enough, whenever you change 'levels' the textures don't work anymore, only if you return to that level, which doesn't seem to be the case for the game's Main Menu.

I've compilated some screenshots of stuff I've did, if you wanna check out. But this is really weird behaviour.

And if you wish to try the pack to test the behaviour, here. Until I find a way to fix this problem throught every world, cutscene and menu, I don't think I can continue.

Hi! As I explained earlier, some textures have some garbage in the lower half, that seems kind of random, at least for ppsspp, and so, many versions of the same texture get downloaded into your "new" folder, with different names, since the name for the texture is composed of Address+CLUT+Hash (which changes because of that lower half).

Ventus's Portrait in the HUD is one of those strange textures. And so, to be able to replace every possible version of Ventus's Portrait in the HUD with a single line, you have to specify it in the textures.ini ignoring the hash part of the name. To do so, you should replace your line:

0920ceb0918d8370213df69c = HUD/Ventus HUD Portrait.png


0920ceb0918d837000000000 = HUD/Ventus HUD Portrait.png

(12-19-2017 03:13 PM)hououin_kyouma Wrote:  
(12-06-2017 06:29 PM)MorrisonGamer Wrote:  Outside of the fonts, and the pixelated edges on a few items on the HUD, this looks really close to the HD Remaster :o
I'll fully support it if you ever decide in the future to do it, that'd give one more reason to replay the game again!

EDIT: By the way, how do you do it, to make the textures work on the game? I tried upscaling some for birth by sleep, but it didn't work sadly. I may try making it myself, and release a pack fully with hidef textures.

EDIT 2: And if you need someone to help you complete THIS pack, count on me! I just need to learn.

The problem with the textures in Birth by Sleep (and many other games) is that some of them get dumped with some wierd noice in the lower part, which ends up generating different copies of the same texture, with different names, since the name for the texture is actually a concatenation of this things: Address (bits 1-8) + CLUT (bits 9-16) + Data Hash (bits 17-24). Since the noice in the lower part changes, the Data Hash also changes, generating another texture, since that new texture has a name that no other has. That way, even if you replace the one you first found, the next time you play, the game will probably generate a slightly different one, with a diffferent Data Hash, and ppsspp will not replace it.

For textures like that I had to ignore the Data Hash part of the texture name like so:
0000000041f1852200000000 = Font/0000000041f1852200000000.png

The CLUT didn't change so I used that to identify those textures. I also ignored the address, but I don't remember if that was needed this time, I just always do it now (because it can change sometimes).

You ignore parts of the name (like the address or the data hash), by placing 8 cero's in that part of the name.

To ignore the Address you put 8 cero's instead of the bits 1-8.
0000000041f1852254561134 = font.png
To ignore the CLUT you put 8 cero's instead of the bits 9-16.
768413640000000054561134 = font.png
To ignore the Hash Data you put 8 cero's instead of the bits 17-24.
7684136441f1852200000000 = font.png

Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack:
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