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A new and better PlayStation 2 emulator
09-07-2017, 01:58 PM
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A new and better PlayStation 2 emulator
Hi guys.

I think I should not talk about it in the forum but ... It is that time goes by and it becomes clear that the emulation scenario for ps2 is dying. Like many developers, Dolphin, Ppsspp, Cemu, DeSmuME, and Citra are a great example of emulators, but they are not all that good.

I can not question the effort of the creators, it's incredible. A motivation that I fail miserably to have. But I think if the creators of Dolphin / Ppsspp would engage in improving the glory of ps2 in an emulator, there would be no doubt that they would succeed.

Maybe it's foolish, I know, but that's what I think and I hope someone has thought of it someday. Thank you and have a nice day.


Oi pessoal.

Creio que não devia falar sobre isso no forum mas... É que o tempo passa e mais fica evidente que o cenário de emulação para o ps2 esta morrendo. Tipo, com tantos anos de desenvolvimento, mesmo assim já tá desgastado, muitos dos melhores jogos da época ainda não rodam bem, mesmo hardware atual, algo que o Dolphin, Ppsspp, Cemu, DeSmuME e Citra são exemplo formidaveis de emuladores.

Eu não posso questionar o esforço dos criadores, é incrivel. Uma motivação que falho miseravelmente em ter. Mas eu acho que se os criadores do Dolphin/Ppsspp se engajassem em melhorar a glória do ps2 em um emulador, não haveria duvidas de que teriam sucesso.

Talvez seja tolice, eu sei, mas é o que penso e espero que alguém tenha pensado nisso algum dia. Obrigado e tenham um ótimo dia.
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09-08-2017, 11:30 AM
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RE: A new and better PlayStation 2 emulator
Nobody is interested in working on a new PS2 emulator, unless few guys that are working on this one:

They have made a little improvement in years of work, and who mostly work in this emulator is its creator alone.

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09-09-2017, 01:07 AM
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RE: A new and better PlayStation 2 emulator
How is PS2 emulation dying? If anything the mix of processors able to run PS2 emulation at good speeds (passmark cpu single threaded 1600 or higher) is only increasing with ryzen and the Kaby Lake Pentiums bringing the performance needed to a lower price point. Or are you talking about the last "stable" release being from a year ago? If so check out the Git releases which are updated every day to every week depending.

If you are talking about lack of enhancement options like texture replacements and such well that has more to do with a combination of PCSX2 going for accuracy and the PS2 itself not really being well suited to some of the enhancements. (heck if you increase internal resolution you can tell that some PS2 games are stitched together along seams that break under higher resolutions then the original was capable of)
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