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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD
08-05-2020, 02:04 AM (This post was last modified: 04-23-2023 08:42 PM by beika.)
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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD
Hey Guys I want to update the cwcheat for Felyne Comrade and Cat Drink Skill.

1st Felyne Comrade
_C0 Level
_L 0x017ACF3F 0x000000xx
_C0 Lineage
_L 0x017ACF9B 0x000000xx
_C0 Loyalty Max
_L 0x117ACF43 0x0000001A
_C0 HP
_L 0x617BE554 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Attack +255
_L 0x117ACFD6 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Defense +255
_L 0x117ACFD8 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Attack Style
_L 0x017ACF98 0x0000000X
_C0 Targets
_L 0x017ACF99 0x0000000X
_C0 Character
_L 0x017ACF9A 0x0000000X
_C0 Skill Points
_L 0x117ACFB6 0x000003E7
_C0 Skill
_L 0x217ACFA4 0x0000aabb
_L 0x217ACFA6 0xccddeeff
_C0 Weapon
_L 0x117ACFD2 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Helm)
_L 0x117ACFCE 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Plate)
_L 0x117ACFCA 0x000000xx
_C0 Special Bonus
_L 0x017ACFD4 0x0000000x
_C0 Waterfall Bonus
_L 0x017ACFD5 0x0000000y

2nd Felyne Comrade
_C0 Level
_L 0x017ACFDF 0x000000xx
_C0 Lineage
_L 0x017AD03B 0x000000xx
_C0 Loyalty Max
_L 0x117ACFE3 0x0000001A
_C0 HP
_L 0x617BE5F4 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Attack +255
_L 0x117AD076 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Defense +255
_L 0x117AD078 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Targets
_L 0x017AD039 0x0000000X
_C0 Character
_L 0x017AD03A 0x0000000X
_C0 Skill Points
_L 0x117AD056 0x000003E7
_C0 Skill
_L 0x217AD044 0x0000aabb
_L 0x217AD046 0xccddeeff
_C0 Weapon
_L 0x117AD072 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Plate)
_L 0x117AD06A 0x000000xx
_C0 Special Bonus
_L 0x017AD074 0x0000000x
_C0 Waterfall Bonus
_L 0x017AD075 0x0000000x

3rd Felyne Comrade
_C0 Level
_L 0x017AD07F 0x000000xx
_C0 Lineage
_L 0x017AD0DB 0x000000xx
_C0 Loyalty Max
_L 0x117AD083 0x0000001A
_C0 HP
_L 0x617BE694 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Attack +255
_L 0x117AD116 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Defense +255
_L 0x117AD118 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Attack Style
_L 0x017AD0D8 0x0000000X
_C0 Targets
_L 0x017AD0D9 0x0000000X
_C0 Character
_L 0x017AD0DA 0x0000000X
_C0 Skill Points
_L 0x117AD0F6 0x000003E7
_C0 Skill
_L 0x217AD0E4 0x0000aabb
_L 0x217AD0E6 0xccddeeff
_L 0x217AD0E6 0xiijjkkll
_C0 Weapon
_L 0x117AD112 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Helm)
_L 0x117AD10E 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Plate)
_L 0x117AD10A 0x000000xx
_C0 Special Bonus
_L 0x017AD114 0x0000000x
_C0 Waterfall Bonus
_L 0x017AD115 0x0000000y

4th Felyne Comrade
_C0 Level
_L 0x017AD11F 0x000000xx
_C0 Lineage
_L 0x017AD17B 0x000000xx
_C0 Loyalty Max
_L 0x117AD123 0x0000001A
_C0 HP
_L 0x617BE734 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Attack +255
_L 0x117AD1B6 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Defense +255
_L 0x117AD1B8 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Attack Style
_L 0x017AD178 0x0000000X
_C0 Targets
_L 0x017AD179 0x0000000X
_C0 Character
_L 0x017AD17A 0x0000000X
_C0 Skill Points
_L 0x117AD196 0x000003E7
_C0 Skill
_L 0x217AD184 0x0000aabb
_L 0x217AD186 0xccddeeff
_C0 Weapon
_L 0x117AD1B2 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Helm)
_L 0x117AD1AE 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Plate)
_L 0x117AD1AA 0x000000xx
_C0 Special Bonus
_L 0x017AD1B4 0x0000000x
_C0 Waterfall Bonus
_L 0x017AD1B5 0x0000000y

5th Felyne Comrade
_C0 Level
_L 0x017AD1BF 0x000000xx
_C0 Lineage
_L 0x017AD21B 0x000000xx
_C0 Loyalty Max
_L 0x117AD1C3 0x0000001A
_C0 HP
_L 0x617BE7D4 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Attack +255
_L 0x117AD256 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Defense +255
_L 0x117AD258 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Attack Style
_L 0x017AD218 0x0000000X
_C0 Targets
_L 0x017AD219 0x0000000X
_C0 Character
_L 0x017AD21A 0x0000000X
_C0 Skill Points
_L 0x117AD236 0x000003E7
_C0 Skill
_L 0x217AD224 0x0000aabb
_L 0x217AD226 0xccddeeff
_C0 Weapon
_L 0x117AD252 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Helm)
_L 0x117AD24E 0x000000xx
_C0 Armor (Plate)
_L 0x117AD24A 0x000000xx
_C0 Special Bonus
_L 0x017AD254 0x0000000x
_C0 Waterfall Bonus
_L 0x017AD255 0x0000000y

Value Description
Level :
xx = 00 ~ 0F

Lineage :
xx =
00 Felyne 01 Tea Felyne 02 Lemon 03 Grape 04 Muscot 05 Orange
06 Melynx 07 Black Melynx 08 Yellow Melynx 09 Moody 0A Secret
0B Short Hair 0C Tea Tiger 0D Yellow Tiger 0E Ash Tiger
0F Silver Tiger 10 Fresh Tiger 11 Red Tiger
12 White 13 Black 14 Deep Blue 15 Tea 16 Brown 17 Jet Black
18 Pink 19 Blue 1A Peppermint 1B Gold
1C Blk & White 1D Tea Spots 1E Blue Spots 1F Red Spots 20 Purple 21 Deep Sea

HP :
xxxx =
0032(50) 00C8(200) 03E8(1000) 1388(5000) 2710(10000) 7FFF(32767)

Attack Style
x =
0 Weapon Only 1 Bomb Only 2 Boomerangs Only 3 Melee & Bomb
4 Melee & Boomerang 5 Bomb & Boomerang 6 Doesn't Attack

x = 0(Small First) 1(Small Sooner) 2(Balanced) 3(Large Sooner) 4(Large First)

aa ~ ff =
00 : Demon Fl. 01 : Armor Fl. 02 : Cure Fl. 03 : Health Fl. 04 : True Health Fl. 05 : Element Attack Up
06 : Stat. Atk. [Poison] 07 : Stat. Atk. [Para] 08 : Stat. Att. [Sleep] 09 : Abn. Stat. Atk. Up 0A : Mud/Snow Q. Rec. 0B : Poison Negate
0C : Wind Negate 0D : Ear Plug 0E : Ear Plug/Wind Negate 0F : Atk Up (Sm) 10 : Atk Up (Lg) 11 : Def. Up (Sm)
12 : Def. Up (Lg) 13 : Health Up (Sm) 14 : Health Up (Lg) 15 : Guard Up (Sm) 16 : Guard Up (Lg) 17 : Affinity Boost
18 : Rob'em Blind 19 : Shock Trap 1A : Felvine B. 1B : Lg. Barrel B. 1C : Bomb Strength Up 1D : Bomb Dmg Red.
1E : Boomerang Up 1F : Pierce Boomerang 20 : Cannon/Ballista Up 21 : Quick Riser  22 : Seven Lives 23 : Last Stand
24 : Res. Fire 25 : Res. Water 26 : Res. Thunder 27 : Res. Ice 28 : Res. Dragon 29 : Res. All
2A : Clairvoyance 2B : Speedy Gath. 2C : Speedy Rec. 2D : Hunter 2E : Workaholic 2F : Take a Break
30 : Copycat 31 : Trap Bombing 32 : Buddy's Concern 33 : Friendship
x =
0(Courageous) 1(Cunning) 2(Timid) 3(Loyal)
4(Chancy) 5(Persistent) 6(Pacifist)

Weapon - Armor (Helm) - Armor (Plate) :
xx =
xx = ( Weapon - Helm - Plate )
00 : No Equipment
01 : Bone Pick - Acorn Helm - Acorn Mail
02 : Paw Punch - Yukumo Kasa- Yukumo Dougi
03 : Yukumo Wood Sword - Bone Helm - Bone Mail
04 : Bone Maul - Bullfango Helm - Bullfango Mail
05 : Bull Tusk Hammer - Jaggi Helm - Jaggi Mail
06 : Jaggi Knife - Arzuros Helm - Arzuros Maik
07 : Azuros Crudel - Bnaharabra Shader - Bnaharabra Suit
08 : Bnaharabra Dagger - Rhenopolos Helm - Rhenopolos Mail
09 : Rhenopolos Hammer - Slangtoth Hood - Slangtoth Cloak
0A : Lilypad Umbrella - Qurupeco Helm- Qurupeco Mail
0B : Machalite Pick - Ludroth Helm - Ludroth Mail
0C : Acorn Hammer - Wroggi Helm - Wroggi Mail
0D : Qurupeco Tomahawk - Lagombi Helm - Lagombi Mail
0E : Ludroth Claws - Baroth Helm - Baroth Mail
0F : Wroggi Guitar - Alloy Helm - Alloy Mail
10 : Lagombi Staff - Baggi Helm - Baggi Mail
11 : Barroth Skepter - Volvidon Helm - Volvidon Mail
12 : Woodcutter's Axe - Rathian Helm - Rathian Mail
13 : Iron Sword - Gigginox Helm - Gigginox Mail
14 : Baggi Baton - Nibelsnarf Helm - Nibelsnarf Mail
15 : Volvidon Lantern - Nightmare Hat - Nightmare Mail
16 : Ratian Rapier - Ladybug Tesla - Ladybug Thorax
17 : Gigginox Trident - Barioth Helm - Barioth Mail
18 : Niblesnarf Rifle - Nargacuga Helm - Narga Mail
19 : Mosqharl Broom - Uragaan Helm - Uragaan Mail
1A : Lily Rod - Rathalos Helm - Rathalos Mail
1B : Talon Pick - Zinogre Helm - Zinogre Mail
1C : Barrel Hammer - Gargwa Mask - Gargwa Vest
1D : Barioth Knife - Guild Hat - Guild Suit
1E : Nargacuga Shuriken - Guide Cap - Guide Suit
1F : Mewragaan Maul - Diablos Helm - Diablos Mail
20 : Rathalos Sword - Agnakator Helm - Agnakator Mail
21 : Zinogre Sword - Tigrex Helm - Tigrex Mail

And this is the last one
Cat Drink Skill
_C0 Cat Drink Skill
_L 0x217AC8F0 0xaabbccdd
_L 0x217AC8F4 0x000000ee

Drink skill value description :
aa ~ ee =
00:なし - None
03:ネコの医療術 - Felyne Medic
Antidote herbs and Bitterbugs have a 100% chance to cure poison. The hunter's natural Health recovery rate is also increased.
04:ネコの体術 - Felyne Fortitude
Stamina consumption is reduced when guarding and dodging.
05:ネコの火薬術 - Felyne Explosives
All bombs of any size will become G-sized when used. Can be used in conjunction with the Bomber skill.
06:ネコの特殊攻撃術 - Felyne Specialist
Status attack increase.
07:ネコの防御術【大】- Felyne Protection (Large)
Grants a large (1/4) chance of reducing damage to the hunter by 30%.
08:ネコの防御術【小】- Felyne Protection (Small)
Grants a small (1/8) chance of reducing damage to the hunter by 30%
09:ネコの吹奏術 - Felyne Flutist
Flutes rarely break when used.
0A:ネコの道具倹約術 - Felyne Frugality
Increases the number of times you can use pick axes and bug nets before they break.
0B:ネコのカリスマ - Felyne Charisma
Allows for 6 conversations with Veggie Elder.
0C:ネコの調合術【大】- Felyne Combiner (Large)
Combination success rate is increased by 20%.
0D:ネコの調合術【小】- Felyne Combiner (Small)
Combination success rate is increased by 10%.
0E:ネコの採取術 - Felyne Gatherer
Increases the number of times you can gather and mine.
0F:ネコの射撃術 - Felyne Marksman
Increases the power of Normal Shot.
10:招き猫の激運 - Lucky Discount Cat
Increases the number of rare items in the quest reward.
11:招き猫の幸運 - Lucky Cat
Increases the number of common items in the quest reward.
12:ネコの火事場力 - Felyne Stinger
When health falls below 10%, attack power is increased by 35%.
13:ネコのはじかれ上手 - Felyne Deflection
Halves the decrease in sharpness when an attack is deflected.
14:ネコの逃走術 - Felyne Escape Artist
Dashing in the presence of a monster uses less stamina.
Dashing in the presence of a monster uses less stamina.
15:ネコの投擲術 - Felyne Hurler
Increases damage of thrown items, such as boomerangs, stones and throwing knives.
16:ネコの胆力 - Cat Courage
Prevents cringe when seeing boss monster.
17:ネコの運搬の超人 - Supercat Transporter
Dashing during transport uses less stamina. Will not drop carried item when attacked.
18:ネコの運搬の鉄人 - Ironcat Transporter
Will not drop transported item when attacked.
19:ネコの弱いの来い!- Scaredy Cat
Large monsters in the quest are more likely to be weak. (Need testing of definition of "weak", is it smaller in size, or less health?)
1A:ネコの秘境探索術 - Felyne Explorer
100% chance to begin High Rank quests in the hidden areas.
1B:ネコの換算術 - Felyne Financier
Increases the number of Yukomo Points earned when a quest is cleared by 50%.
1C:ネコの起上り術【大】- Felyne Riser (Large)
Grants a Large increase to the invincibility period that exists when the hunter stands up after an attack that knocked them down
1D:ネコの起上り術【小】- Felyne Riser (Small)
Grants a small increase to the invincibility period that exists when the hunter stands up after an attack that knocked them down.
1E:ネコの暴れ撃ち - Felyne Shooting Spree
Bowgun and bow damage is increased by 5%, however recoil is also increased by one level.
1F:ネコの蹴脚術 - Felyne Kickboxing
Kicks become more powerful.
20:ネコの拳闘術 - Felyne Boxing
Using the shadowboxing gesture ( シャドウ ) in quest will cause damage if the boxing animation connects with a monster.
21:ネコのツタ登りの超人 - Felyne Climber
Reduces stamina consumption during dash when climbing vines. Will not fall from small attacks when climbing.
22:ネコのツタ登りの鉄人 - Ironcat Climber
Can withstand lesser attacks while climbing vines without falling off.
23:ネコの解体の鉄人 - Ironcat Carver
When carving, the hunter will not be interrupted by weak attacks.
24:ネコの着地術 - Felyne Lander
Faster recovery animation when landing from great heights.
25:ネコの舞踏術 - Felyne Dancer
Grants a bonus to attack power when the hunter performs the "Dance" gesture (おどる) in quest.
26:ネコのゴリ押し術 - Felyne Bulldozer
Sharpness is increased after an attack is deflected, if the hunter continues to attack.
27:ネコのおまけ術 - Felyne Bonus Artist
The effects of the Hot Spring bonus (health and stamina) will not disappear when the hunter faints.
28:ネコのKO術 - Cat KO Artist
Increases the likelihood of stunning a monster.
29:招き猫の金運 - Crazy Lucky Cat
Increases the amount of gold in the quest reward by 50%, 75%, or 100%.
2A:ネコのマタタビ爆破術  Felyne Blaster
Felvine bombs last longer. 100% chance to combine felvine bombs.
2B:ネコの砲撃術 - Felyne Bombardeir
Increases damage of cannon shot, ballistae, crag shot and gunlance wyvern fire.
2C:ネコのド根性 - Felyne Moxie
The hunter can survive one instant KO attack without fainting.
2D:ネコのこやし玉達人 - Felyne Dungmaster
Monster will always flee when hit with a dungbomb, and there is a 100% to create a dungbomb when combining.
2E:ネコの毛づくろい上手 - Felyne Groomer
The duration of the defense down status effect is halved.
2F:ネコの火渡り術 - Felyne Firewalker
No damage is taken when the hunter walks on lava terrain.
30:ネコのすり抜け術 - Slippery Cat
The number of analog stick rotations and button presses needed to escape when being pinned by a monster is halved.
31:ネコの千里眼の術 - Cat Clairvoyance
Displays monster location for a short time at the beginning of a quest.
32:ネコの研磨術 - Felyne Sharpener
Sharpening times tend to be shortened.
33:攻撃アップ【小】 - Attack up (Small)
Small attack power increase.
34:攻撃アップ【中】 - Attack up (Medium)
Medium attack power increase.
35:攻撃アップ【大】 - Attack up (Large)
Large attack power increase.
36:防御アップ【小】 - Defense up (Small)
Small defensive increase.
37:防御アップ【中】 - Defense up (Medium)
Medium defensive increase.
38:防御アップ【大】 - Defense up (Large)
Large defensive increase.
39:火耐性強化 - Fire Resistance
Increases fire resistance.
3A:水耐性強化 - Water Resistance
Increases water resistance.
3B:雷耐性強化 - Thunder Resistance
Increases thunder resistance.
3C:氷耐性強化 - Ice Resistance
Increases ice resistance.
3D:龍耐性強化 - Dragon Resistance
Increases dragon resistance.
3E:ネコの受け身術 - Felyne Balance
The hunter immediately stands up from an attack that sends them flying.
3F:ネコのかかってこい - Felyne Challenger
100% chance to encounter special quest monsters.
40:ネコのオトモ指導術 - Felyne Otomo Guide
Increases the amount of Otomo points gained during a quest.
41:ネコの短期催眠術 - Felyne Hypnotist
Grants a 10 minute bonus to attack and defense from the start of the quest.
43:ネコの不眠術 - Felyne Insomniac
The Hunter is immune to the sleep status effect, including the ability to sleep at base camp.
44:ネコの尻もち着かず - Cat Carter
Removes the falling animation when the hunter faints and is delivered to the base camp by the felyne cart.
45:ネコの釣り上手 - Felyne Fisher
Fish take the bait on the first bite.

Some of code maybe isn't perfect like Felyne Skill.
and sorry not complete the Weapon - Armor value description.

Sorry for my bad English ...
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