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Tactics ogre : Let us cling together
12-11-2014, 06:52 PM
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RE: Tactics ogre : Let us cling together
I am trying to play tactics ogre on my android. I have managed to play many other titles on my phone but for some reason tactics ogre wont run. it loads and then crashes before even getting to the main menu. I have tried every combination of settings found on here and then everything i could think of, but it wont run.
I have a samsung galaxy s3 and i ran the game a while back but since then deleted it and ppsspp because i ran out of space on my phone. but now i wish to play the game again. Im not sure if it is an issue with the current ppsspp version or what, but i am able to run the game fine on my pc with the default settings. i even tried to play the game on pc and start a game and get past where it crashed on android, then save and copy the savestate to my phone. but when i load the state on my phone it pauses and the screen is black and it crashes.
Any help would be appreciated.

tl;dr: Can someone help me run this on my android? like the settings used exactly?
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