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Tactics ogre : Let us cling together
07-25-2013, 08:00 PM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2013 07:20 PM by cyrusmagnus.)
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RE: Tactics ogre : Let us cling together
So running on Windows 8 Pro x64, I'd been playing this game using the x32 bit and recently downloaded the x64 version. Both were 8.1 with different sub-builds. I noticed a lot of sound artifacts in the x64 version especially when the little yellow triangles used to orient the character appear at the end of an turn of a unit. Sounds like massive stuttering/slowdown in the music.

Also more recently there was a fix implemented to get rid of having to F5 between the two rendering options to avoid the either black screen at world map or black screen at combat map/story scene. This is cool, and does work. Also added were to the two render from CPU and GPU respectively, both of which just cause massive slowdown generally and are unusable. (perhaps the render from CPU can't see multiple cores?)

Also there are still strange graphical artifacts with the spells (rainbow speckles within a box area around the spell). Only now with the new F5 fix, there is a new graphical artifact around the menu used to select an action (not the move/action/sp menu, but the next one down in action) which is rainbow discoloration of a static piece of the map. Interesting to note: if the user changes between F5 options while the discoloration band is present (I believe it is supposed to be some steam looking stuff) the discoloration will slightly change it's configuration.

Finally, the atrac3 codec is necessary for music/voiceover in the secondary introduction video (the one that plays after waiting at the main screen) as well as for other cinematics within the game itself. But once you get it, it is really a bad ass video. xD

Thanks for getting this far guys, it's really exciting seeing a living project like this improve every day! Looking forward to FFT:WotL working too. Big Grin

Edit: Oh, and I've played with all the options to see if I can get rid of anything. Most of them have absolutely no effect what-so-ever. Only the two new render froms and the texture scaling (which I have off) effect things on my system.

Update: It isn't a slow down, it's a speed up. When you orient the character's direction after taking their turn (when the four little yellow arrows show up) the music (and probably the game generally) becomes unthrottled for a second. I say this because if I were to tap the Tab key (unthrottle) the music does the exact same thing as when the characters' little yellow arrows show up. Also, this happens a lot less in the x32 version for some reason. In the x64 it's every time, and the x32 it's perhaps 1 in 5 times. Also, the weird rainbow coloration artifact is gone, but the boxing is still present. There are other moments in the game where it will randomly unthrottle for a moment (as can be heard from the music) so I think there might be a call to something that momentarily overrides the throttle? I've tried playing around with the force 60 or less fps and the speed toggle options and neither has any effect on the random unthrottling. Big Grin
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