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Blue screen of death?
07-28-2017, 04:14 PM
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Blue screen of death?
A friend recently gifted me his old graphics card, an amd r7 240. And ever since starting using it I've experienced blue screens of death in two games that previously worked fine (and also worked fine for him):
- Tales of the world radiant mythology works fine until the press start screen, then the screen goes black for a second and i get a notification that the controller stopped working and it has recovered, the game has crashed though. The emulator is still running though and if i close it, the emulator process will still remain working in the background, that's how i got my first blue screen, by no clopsing the background process.
- The other one happened in digimon world redigitize. The game works fine until a specific cutscene and then it blue screens halfway through it.
I know it's not much data, but I'd appreciate any help.
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07-28-2017, 04:54 PM
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Blue screen on new graphic card?
Second time posting this, for some reason it didn't show up the first. Is there a moderation queue for new users?Huh
I've had it happen to me with two different games ever since a friend gifted me his old graphics card (an amd r7 240). And the games worked fine for him with it (as well as for me with my old gpu).
The first is tales of the world, where the game will freeze and the screen will momentarily turn black when reaching the press start screen. Closing ppsspp will for some reason leave its process still running in the back ground. I think that's the reason for it blue screening when I tried to run it again.
The other one is digimon redigitize, this one works fine until a cutscene where it'll automatically give a blue screen.
I read someone advicing getting a program called blue screen view when someone reported a similar problem here. So here are the BSV reports of my blue screens:
(the forum for some reason didn't let me post the images as it thought they were clickable links, so i'll attach them)

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07-28-2017, 07:41 PM
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RE: Blue screen of death?
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