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Save State Issue
06-18-2017, 12:37 PM
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Save State Issue
I recently saved over some old save states but when I went to load the new save states they would load the old ones instead. The little screenshot shows the new save but the old one still loads. Also a ppst.tmp file has showed up in my savestate folder, the time it was created matching the time I saved. Is there any way I can recover my saves from these, TMP files, or am I screwed?
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06-18-2017, 06:24 PM
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RE: Save State Issue
Well, the way save states work is:

1. Create save state data.
2. Create new save state as tmp file.
3. Replace the old save state with the new one.

The reason is mainly in case your disk becomes full, or even a crash happens: at least you won't lose everything.

Since it never did step 3, this means something went wrong during step 2 or step 3. Best case scenario, it wrote the data, but couldn't rename it. Make sure your disk isn't full, and try swapping the filenames.

Unfortunately, if that doesn't work, there's probably no way to "recover". In general, it's best to use save states as temporary means - not as long term "save games". Some PSP games have bugs that only happen when you play them for 40 hours straight without ever saving or loading - but luckily no one ever does that. Except people using only save states.

Sorry - I know that doesn't help much if it's too late now.

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