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CWCheats and the Imperfection of Emulating Emulations
04-28-2017, 02:14 AM
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CWCheats and the Imperfection of Emulating Emulations
so after using PPSSPP for quite some time now and watching it grow even better each revision, what caught my eye is the lack of perfect cwcheats emulatio and the fact that it isnt improving. im writing this thread to somewhat answer my own questions and share my thoughts so maybe the devs can learn a little. now im not saying im an expert everything emulation but as i said, just my thoughts im sharing. so what did i come as a conclution?

1) that PPSSPP is still being developed and have such high potential to psp perfect emulation. but those will be in the near future. but right now, we have a solid working emulator that emulates at a rate of 80% at best. good rig or poor rig which is nice. unlike its competitor, the JPCSP which requires you to have a government level computer that can control nukes to run it at 60fps.

2) CwCheats is for all intense purposes, a plugin for a hacked PSP. it is included in every CFW you could ever use. CWCHEATS, runs on a CFW and PPSSPP is like a CFW in itself but not like a real deal.

3) Unlike VBA's gameshark/codebreaker emulation, CWCHEATS isnt a cheating device per se, as i said, it is a plugin. gameshark can be emulated almost perfectly because it is a hardware before it got emulated. CWCHEATS was not.

4) as most user would tell you here, cwcheats cheats that originated from PSP might have a different address in PPSSPP so it doesnt work most of the time. but the real problem here, is the somewhat poor implementation of the cwcheats 0x0 codes like 0x6 which allows for a pointer scan cheats used most of the time to create cheats that targets moving address.

so what can we take from all of those above? well that is, PPSSPP have a somewhat working CWCHEATS but codes you might find on the einternet might not work most of the time. however, if you know how to adjust the codes from PSP -> PPSSPP, you will have a pretty legit working codes on your hands. but the problem arises of how can you adjust the address. not all games have similar code structure, as such, dont have the same amount of value needed for adjustments. that i will leave to myself as im planning on making a compilation of codes that either gets requested here or i post myself that will be converted from PSP -> PPSSPP. however, one thing to note is that some codes might not work, specially 0x6 codes which is as i said, pointer scan codes. those codes are messy in my opinion and hard to work with.
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