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60 FPS Patches Master List v Zero
06-13-2019, 04:15 PM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2019 11:38 PM by BoringPerson.)
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RE: 60 FPS Patches Master List v Zero
Gitaroo Man Lives! [USA]
This fixes most of the problems of the previous code. All 3D animations should be at the correct speed. It also fixes a couple more subtle issues caused by the increased framerate. (It should work on all stages, though I think the previous one did already?)
(Thanks to GamerzHell9137 for making the previous 60 FPS code that got me started.)
_S ULUS-10207
_G Gitaroo Man Lives! [USA]
_C0 60 FPS [beta 2]
_L 0x20175900 0x24050001
_L 0x2017C47C 0x3C023EB8
_L 0x201504C4 0x340505DC
_L 0x2012C79C 0x3C023DCC
_L 0x2012C7EC 0x3C023DCC
_L 0x2012C8D0 0x3C023E4C
_L 0x2019FBB8 0x46002805
_L 0x201A4000 0x4600B005
_C0 Disable 60 FPS [beta 2]
_L 0x20175900 0x24050002
_L 0x2017C47C 0x3C023F38
_L 0x201504C4 0x8C8501C8
_L 0x2012C79C 0x3C023E4C
_L 0x2012C7EC 0x3C023E4C
_L 0x2012C8D0 0x3C023ECC
_L 0x2019FBB8 0x44800000
_L 0x201A4000 0x44800000
//If you enable/disable this code in a stage, quit and reload the stage to make it take effect.
//Side effects of 60 FPS:
//-In stages, some 2D HUD stuff animates twice as fast
//-Outside of stages, audio fades 2x slower

Cheat status: Beta I guess, but mostly usable now.
Potential issues:
  • I haven't tested whether the increased framerate affects the total amount of health gained/lost per note.
Known issues:
  • Audio fades 2x slower outside of stages (e.g. when entering/exiting a menu)
  • 2D menu animations (like the spinning heads) are unchanged, not 60 FPS
  • In stages, some 2D HUD elements animate twice as fast. This includes animation of health bars (flashing and gain/lose), phase indicators (CHARGE/BATTLE/etc), the words GREAT/GOOD/OK/MISS, fade-out of the phrase bar when you drop a note partway through, the big green fading circle when you hit a note, and fade-in/fade-out of tutorial stuff like word bubbles
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