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The [email protected] Shiny Festa
06-26-2014, 09:19 PM
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RE: [email protected] Shiny Festa
Just for the sake of pointing it out: the issue with the videos was fixed.

The game is supposed to use a certain video during gameplay and, should the player fill their energy gauge, switch to a "special" video. Before, it played the "special" video all time, even in Teather Mode, but this is now fixed, making the game 100% playable.

As proof, an image of the normal video of the song "Yakusoku":
[Image: HCGCyYy.jpg]

Now, there is still an issue, but it's not gameplay-related, it's that the emulator cannot render the ♪ character, so it shows a _. It appears twice in the lyrics of the song "MUSIC♪", once in one character's dialogue (Kotori Otonashi in the tutorial) and in the name of 26 items of the in-game store:

[Image: 5ONCNsO.jpg]
[Image: EEUjy2O.jpg]
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