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About touch sensitivity.
03-04-2017, 11:19 AM
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About touch sensitivity.
Hello and excuse me if I posted in the wrong section but I could not find a Q&A section to post.
In any case, I have a problem I would require assistance if you could.
Although games run pretty much great on my device (Zte Axon7, 820 SoC, 4gb ram), the buttons are not.
What I mean by that is when I press directly above, say, the X button, the button doesn't activate.
Same goes for all the buttons in the virtual touch controller.
I have to press a bit to the left of each button to register the touch, which makes playing irritating.
I'm on Android 7.1.1, tested latest stable and test build, both produced the same result.
Tested the touchscreen itself through Android developer mode-> Show pointer location and it was working as it should.
Tried to change touch settings but couldn't manage to fix it.
So long story short help me, I'm stuck. Tongue
Have a nice day. Big Grin
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