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Android settings
02-23-2017, 09:10 PM
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Android settings
I have, for a long time been looking to consilidate items from my carry around selection. I still have a PSP-2000 running CFW where I can run anything I like. I was overjoyed when PPSSPP came out because it seemed to allow the possibility of trimming my bag weight. I have NEVER been able to make the emulator work however and would like to ask for some very specific help. I am currently using a Samung Tab S2 with a Snapdragon 652 processor. Previously i have tried installs on many other devices, namely Mediatek SOC's and have failed. My ONLY success has come from Huawei in the Honor 8. I would like to explore running games on the Tab as it would be nice to see everything on a bigger screen.

Herein lies the issue on all devices: Games not running at correct frame speed and audio stuttering/flickering. There are too many options to just sit and click one at a time, so I ask for help. I am a fairly advanced user, so there is no need to be too simple.

I appreciate the help in advance.
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