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Emu thread timed out error on Tag Force series
12-16-2016, 03:43 AM
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Emu thread timed out error on Tag Force series
First of all i'm sorry if this has been answered before but I searched through several threads and none of them seem to have any working fix to this.

I've been trying to play the yugioh tag force series on my pc and it has been a really frustrating experiente so far. The games run fine except in very specific moments.

Whenever you inflict damage the screen changes to a 3D model of your opponent and it shows him taking damage, midway through the emulator freezes and I get the emu thread timeout error. This doesn't happen every time but its quite often and it is basically impossible to finish a duel without skipping these scenes.

After a while I gave up and played the first game on pcsx2 and it went perfectly, without crashes, but since the other versions are only available on PSP, I went back, hoping it was an issue only with tag force 1. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and tag force 2 crashed on the same parts as well.

I tried different ISOs, different settings, nothing worked and I couldnt find any solutions to this problem, especially because I couldnt find anyone else reporting this specific problem with these games. I dont know if this is an issue only with the tag force games since i havent tried playing anything else on ppsspp yet.

I'm using the latest version of ppsspp on windows 10 with an AMD graphics card and uptaded drivers, if it helps.

Anyway sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
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