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Cwcheats for Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner
12-12-2016, 11:45 AM
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Cwcheats for Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner
Well been searching for some time and some codes simply don't work no matter how i modify then a little...
The only ones apparently working for me are those two...
_C0 Max Perla
_L 0x2030C984 0x000F423F
_C0 Max AP
_L 0x2030C980 0x000F423F

If someone had the codes for those items i would be grateful...
Golden apple
All the Prism
All The Quartz

Also those are the codes that i have of the items above but they doesn't work here... also if anyone could modify them to work....
_C0 99 Necronomicon
_L 0x0030CF55 0x00000063
_C0 99 Golden Apple
_L 0x0030CF3E 0x00000063
_C0 All the Prisms
_L 0x0030CF20 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF21 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF22 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF23 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF24 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF25 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF26 0x00000063
_L 0x0030CF27 0x00000063
_C0 90 of Each Quartz
_L 0x0030CF3F 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF40 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF41 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF42 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF43 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF44 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF45 0x0000005A
_L 0x0030CF46 0x0000005A
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