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ISO/CSO Shortcuts Crash PPSSPP?
12-09-2016, 08:34 AM
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ISO/CSO Shortcuts Crash PPSSPP?
So, I recently went out and bought an android handheld that has a gamepad built in.

This makes emulating games on Android a far more appealing prospect than when I was making due with on-screen buttons, as I'm sure you know.


I've got PPSSPP1.3.01 running and it will run the games on my machine just fine; but I'm having trouble getting shortcuts to specific games to work (PPSSPP crashes when you try to launch the shortcuts).

Does anybody have advice on how to make them work?

I'd like to get my device set up such that I can sort all my games by genre, rather than by system for the emulated games and having all the native android games in a different place. Thus far I've had luck for my SNES(SuperRetro16), GB/GBC (My Old Boy), GBA (My Boy), but I've been having a hard time getting functional shortcuts up and running for games running in other emulators, including PPSSPP and a couple others.

I'm looking to continue what I've started in pic related, but with my PSP games as well.


Any suggestions?
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