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analog stick problem/bug
12-08-2016, 08:33 PM
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analog stick problem/bug

Not sure how to describe this problem but I'll try. Whenever I play either PES 2014 or Fifa 2014 on PPSSPP on my Android phone, if i get too carried away as I'm dribbling the ball and I slide the analog stick too far as my player is running with the ball, the game's speed gets all out of wack and the game moves at an incredibly high speed, as if the game is being "fastforwarded". Then if I ease up with my finger on the analog stick the game returns to normal speed. Again, this only seems to happen if I drag or press my finger too hard on the analog stick in the direction that the player is running. Now this doesn't happen if I use a gamepad or controller. So it seems to me that it's some kind of a touchscreen bug with PPSSPP. Has this happened to anyone? And do you know if there's something that can be done from the settings or a fix or something?

Thank you
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