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Persona 3 Portable (ULUS10512) HD Texture Packs
11-25-2016, 06:30 AM
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Persona 3 Portable (ULUS10512) HD Texture Packs
Copy pasted from Ngemu: To kick off P3P modding projects, I'm releasing whatever I had finished doing. Not continuing on because I'm diverting my free time to my own game project instead.

P3P HD UI - Download Links:
1) HD UI mod -
2) HD Portraits mod - Only portraits for the starting party, seperated from main pack because of potential copyright hijinks due to using official art lifted from various places.

Not included:
- Various Tartarus first block texture replacements

Comparison shots - Internal 4x xBRZ vs HD Textures
[Image: zAQwNhZ.png]
[Image: lY5cw0e.png]
[Image: bIn2SmO.png]
[Image: SZptSSl.png]

More at gallery :

I've tested this on my Win10 PC and Samsung Note 3, and it looks sharp as f**k on both. Enjoy!
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