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Older Version of PPSSPP v1.3 for iOS
11-23-2016, 03:28 AM
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RE: Older Version of PPSSPP v1.3 for iOS
(11-17-2016 06:19 PM)ddragon1999 Wrote:  Ok so here's the story. I have an iPhone 6 and when I first installed PPSSPP through Cydia it was version v1.3-127 or v1.3-125. I don't know the exact "-1xx" but it worked flawlessly on the Dynarec (JIT) setting in the Developer Tools section and also with Nitrous installed. Overtime I upgraded through Cydia and eventually got to v1.3-146 but now every game crashes on the Dynarec (JIT) setting so I have to use the IR Interpreter setting which does not perform as good as Dynarec (JIT). I want to downgrade back to an older version of v1.3 like v1.3-127 or v1.3-125 so I can play games on the Dynarec (JIT) setting again. The problem is, is that you cannot do that on Cydia and I have been searching all over the net for an older deb file of v1.3. Is there anybody who knows how or where to get an older version. I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi! I am using the 1.3 142 build of ppsspp on my iphone 6. I will try to upload the deb file later for you.

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