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The latest build doesn't work for me
03-31-2013, 08:30 PM
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RE: The latest build doesn't work for me
I'm not sure. At this point I suspect a virus scanner or something... very strange.

Here's a question: what if you make a copy of ui_atlas.zim, and then make a copy of ppge_atlas.zim and name the copy ui_atlas.zim? In other words, make both files have the contents of ppge_atlas.zim.

If it works, it'll look funny something else, but that would support the virus checker theory. Next, try replacing ppge_atlas.zim with the original ui_atlas.zim (at this point, they'd be swapped.) If it complains about ppge_atlas.zim... there you go. It's restricting based on content.

If not, at least we'll know more about the weirdness.

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