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mid-range android phone settings
10-28-2016, 08:32 AM (This post was last modified: 10-28-2016 09:12 AM by Nikolayy.)
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Thumbs Up mid-range android phone settings
Not the smartest dude, but i love android emulation and know my sh*t Wink

Backend: OpenGL (dunno how's it gonna be with android Vulkan)
Mode: Buffered rendering (non-buffered, gives somewhat better fps but its a mess imo)
Simulate block transfer effect: On (default)

I highly recommend using Auto-Frameskip and Prevent FPS from exceeding 60.

Postprocessing shaders: Personal Preference (some shaders impact performance)
Rendering resolution: 2xPSP (looks great on 720p screens)
Mipmapping,Hardware transform,Software skinning, Vertex cache, Lazy texture caching and disable slower effects should be enabled.

Texture scalling
I keep all that jazz off

Texture filtering
Anisotropic filtering: Off (16x by default for some reason :? )
Texture Filtering: Auto

As far as hacks go i enable Timer hack and Texture coord speedhack

Enabled with latency on high without resampling or the DOA sound hack

DO NOT ENABLE MULTITHREADED, seriously don't can overheat ur phone pretty easly.

Anything that i left out probably means that its personal preference or doesn't affect performance. Smile

I am using custom roms which improve performance, but most settings should work just fine on stock as well.
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