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Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team
06-23-2013, 10:26 PM (This post was last modified: 06-23-2013 10:28 PM by neilencio.)
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RE: Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team [playable]
(06-22-2013 09:35 PM)Turpat Wrote:  On 0.7.5 i have no music and 60FPS
On the newest i have music but 30 fps....
every game...

0.7.5 was only showing VPS.

the newer builds are showing both VPS and FPS. In some games, it's going to be 60 and 30, respectively. Because there are games that really only run at 30 fps per second even if you're getting fullspeed (kinda like how a lot of console games only run for 30 fps).

I'm not really 100% sure, but I think the number to look at is the VPS, since it will show if you're able to emulate a PSP at fullspeed. The FPS will vary per game (some games have different FPS for cutscenes and in game, for example, because the devs know that the hardware can't handle their ingame so they only do it in 30fps as opposed to the cutscenes), and some games have slowdowns even on a real PSP so it will have slowdowns on PPSSPP even if you're getting 60 VPS (like Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact, due to the amount of enemies present in some situations.)
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