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Kingdom Hearts BBS:FM LAN play help
10-01-2016, 04:23 AM
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Kingdom Hearts BBS:FM LAN play help
Me and my friend both have PPSSPP v1.3 and are trying to set up Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix multiplayer via LAN.

We have tried but can't seem to get things to work. We are connected to a wireless router that has no internet connection.
When I try to set my IP address as the host IP, I get a socket error when trying to connect. If I select a different IP, it seems to connect fine, but when my friend connects with the same IP I still cannot see him in game.

Any help would be appreciated. Most of the guides I see are for connecting a real PSP to PC or multiple instances on the same PC, instead of trying to connect two PCs like I am trying to do.

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