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CWCheat for Armored Core Balance Patch?
09-13-2016, 11:09 PM (This post was last modified: 09-13-2016 11:10 PM by ACmod.)
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CWCheat for Armored Core Balance Patch?
So I'm a long-term fan of the Armored Core series and have been really entrenched/involved in the franchise for over a decade now. Often times we talk about ways to improve/balance the games. Because of the huge amount of customization in these games (they have tons of stats and parts to equip) they often have a lot of poorly balanced parts that are either not very useful or make certain mechanics easily abused.

How hard would it be to put together a "Fan patch" CWCheat for Last Raven Portable that would tweak a bunch of the in-game part stats to make them more balanced?

Later PS3 era games had the ability to get publisher patches to fix these things, but the PS2 games don't have that.

The entire goal here is to create a more ground-based, weighty, high-consequence style of fighting and increase variety between weapons and tactics by affecting their existing in-game stats. I already have an fairly extensive list of precise stat changes to make, but I have no coding ability to implement this "patch" to the game.

In game stats to be generally changed: (There are many minor changes to be made but these are the major ideas)
1. Change moving/stationary drain values of leg and booster parts to reduce energy drain while ground boosting but increase energy drain in air boosting, to give it a more ground-based tactical movement (instead of "bunny hopping" as it currently is)
2. Dramatically increase the defense addition of shields, but increase their weight and usage drain.
3. Change the moving ability and weight cap of most of the leg parts to follow a more clear line from slow and defensive to light and fragile. As it currently stands, because speed is a multiple factor formula there are many "heavy" defensive legs that are faster than "fragile" light legs.
4. Change the weight and energy drain of a majority of the parts to reflect the new balance.
5. Dramatically reduce booster acceleration values, but maintain top speed levels.
6. Dramatically increase the damage and weight of larger weapons to reduce the number of shots necessary to kill other enemies. Dramatically reduce the ammo and firing rate.
7. Dramatically decrease the impact and damage of lighter weapons, but increase the ammo and firing rate, to increase weapon variety
8. Change a majority of the FCS stats to allow better lock-on pairing with weapons and increase variety in lock on speeds and lockbox sizes.

Invisible Stats to be changed:
1. Change the threshold/values for part destruction so that bladed weapons and higher impact weapons allow for faster part destruction
2. Change shot velocity (and make it a visible stat) for various weapons
3. Implement the ability to use back cannons while moving (this is currently achieved with a cheat, but only when combined with other features), and ideally disable lock on while moving (enabling lock on only while stationary)
4. Reduce the velocity of missiles and increase their mobility stat, while increasing their lock time.
5. Dramatically reduce the loss of turning speed when leg parts are broken by damage

I could write up a formal list of each stat needed to be changed and what to change the value to, I've already done the research (and have 15 years of experience with the game) to figure out what parts need nerfed or buffed.

I know a mod like this would be well received by the community and would definitely bring a lot of interest back to this franchise. The crux is that I want to take the stats/game design benefits that From Software learned from the PS3 games (including Dark Souls) and implement them into their PS2 games.
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