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How to play SvR '11 at Nearly Full Speed
08-13-2016, 02:52 PM
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How to play SvR '11 at Nearly Full Speed
Here are the settings I used to make SVR '11 playable on my quad-core LG L52VL:


Skip Buffer Effects
Simulated Block Transfer disabled
Frameskip 1
FPS Speed Limit disabled
Immersive Mode enabled
Display Resolution Native device resolution
Mipmapping enabled
Hardware transform enabled
Software skinning enabled
Vertex cache enabled
Lacy texture caching enabled
Retain changed textures enabled
Disable slower effects enabled
Spline/Bezier curves quality low
Upscale level off
Upscale type xBRZ
Deposterize enabled
Anisotropic filtering off
Texture filtering auto
Screen scaling filter linear
Timer hack enabled
Disable alpha test disabled (causes weird outline artifacts in SvR '11)
Force depth write enabled
Lower resolution for effects aggressive
Audio disabled

These settings enable nearly full-speed play of SmackDown vs. RAW 2011. The game's still a bit tricky to play (I play on Legend difficulty with the AI reversal sliders all the way up), but provides decent flow and even enhanced graphics compared to the PSP.
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