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Bugged control mapping for Dualshock 3 on iOS
07-31-2016, 11:24 AM
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Bugged control mapping for Dualshock 3 on iOS
I have PPSSPP (DEV-working) on my iPhone 6s 9.3.3. I'm using my PS3 controller, and [START] & [SELECT] are both registered as kbd.esc (keyboard, escape).

This means that whenever I press start or select on my controller, it would bring me to the ppsspp menu, basically rendering these two buttons useless.

Is there any way to change that? It's really annoyingAngry. I've looked at controls.ini and ppsspp.ini, and couldn't figure anything out. I just want to bind my start button to start and select button to select. Why is it so difficult?

Anything, anything at this point would help.

Please send help. Thanks.
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