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S7 Edge - New builds and the 8BitDo Gamepad
07-27-2016, 09:25 AM
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S7 Edge - New builds and the 8BitDo Gamepad
Hi there,

Hope you can help. I've searched and failed to find any other threads with the info I require.

So I wrestled getting PPSSPP working on my Galaxy S7 Edge as there is a JIT bug in the build currently in the App Store. I found a recent build in the nightlies that work and my games are now loading. What I can't get to work is my 8BitDo gamepad.

I can't get PPSSPP to recognise the 8BitDo gamepad at all. Now the weird thing is, the gamepad does work if I use RetroArch with PPSSPP core, but the games don't all work or work smoothly enough.

I can also see that in the standalone app in the Controls menu, they mention the 8BitDo specifically in the auto-configure menu. There's still no joy when I select that. I've tried the controller in joystick mode and keyboard emulation mode.

I've been trying to play games in the DJMax series and I just can't get it working. There's a massive audio lag in RetroArch and DJMax Portable 2 doesn't load. DJMax Portable 2 does work in my installed build of the standalone app, but the gamepad does not.

Any idea why the 8BitDo is not working for me in the standalone nightly of PPSSPP?


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