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PPSSPP SaveStates Prob
07-22-2016, 04:28 PM
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PPSSPP SaveStates Prob
I've been playing on this emulator for quite some time on my android version, and I didn't had any problems, until a couple of days ago. Shortly, my save data got corrupted, and because I don't want to start the game from the begining, I went on google to download a save data for my game. It seems pretty easy, just downloading a folder with 4 files inside. After that, all I had to do is copy them in PPSSPP_STATE from my psp folder. Of course that those had to replace another save previously made in the emulator. But the new save just doesn't show up is the app itself, leaving me with nothing. I even tried it on my computer, with different save states and different ppsspp versions, but I just can't make it run. When I manually select the file with the new save, it tells me that I can't be load.
Did I miss something, or I'm just unlucky and I have to forget about this game and continue my life? I apologize for any grammar mistake, or if I haven't provide enought info, and I'd really apreciate any help that can help in any means possible.
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