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[PGS] Portable Gaming System - Best handheld for PS / PPSSPP?
07-02-2016, 02:27 PM
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RE: [PGS] Portable Gaming System - Best handheld for PS / PPSSPP?
It would be the same for emulators as it is for PC games. If they require more power then the bay trail processors can deliver odds are it will throttle. It really does not matter which program is stressing the chipset, it is just the result of the heat it produces and it's size.

If you really want this to work, hope that it uses Apollo Lake and that those chipset's somehow make a massive change in the way processors work or that the PGS somehow has far better cooling then it probably will have.

PPSSPP does run fine on bay trail for most games if it is kept to reasonable settings (internal and external reaolution kept reasonable and low to no shaders, ect.). As long as nothing bizarre goes on with the controller it should be fine.

PCSX2 might work, but it will definitely stress the CPU/GPU compared to ppsspp, any 4th gen emulator (snes era)or earlier, most psx emulators and most n64 emilators)

Dolphin will run on it assuming they load a 64bit version of windows.... but it will probably have simular isssues to running pcsx2 with overheating being a distinct possibility.
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