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Final Fantasy IV : The complete collection
11-29-2013, 02:05 AM
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RE: Final Fantasy IV : The complete collection
A few common issues that I've read about or experienced as I've played through FF4 Complete. I am currently using the 32 bit 9.5 version of ppsspp.

1. The Summon crash:
To anyone having the ppsspp crash take place when an enemy does a summon. I didn' start seeing that error until I went into the Tower of Babil in the Overworld. One enemy, the Sorcerer, will try to summon creatures if you kill his companion Ghost Knights. When he performed the summon, ppsspp would crash to desktop. To solve this, I turned on Low quality splines and bezier curves (speed up) and ppsspp stopped crashing when the Sorecerer performed a summon. Based upon this evidence, maybe enabling this option will help with other enemies that summon.

2. The Mist Dragon crash:
My copy of ppsspp would crash when I was fighting the Mist Dragon. The second the Mist Dragon tried to transform into mist, the program would CTD. To get around this issue, I turned off the following options. I set Mode to Non-buffered rendering. I also turned off Hardware transform. This seemed to do the trick and I've had no more problems of that nature.

3. Glitchy FMVs.
From the FMV where the Enterprise crashes, I started having problems where the FMV glitches out and the screen goes black. To solve this for now, I downloaded the last version of 9.1 off the website. I just copy the entire Memcard folder into the 9.1 directory and load my game. Let the game play through the FMV, save, and then copy the Memcard folder back to the 9.5 directory. Takes the guess work out of trying to make sure I've moved all the corresponding files.

Hope these suggestions help those who are having trouble.
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