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Final Fantasy IV : The complete collection
08-05-2013, 02:16 AM
Post: #182
RE: Final Fantasy IV : The complete collection
This game runs well on my laptop, but there are some graphical issues I did experience. These are my issues (and probably the temp solution I found in the previous pages Smile):

  1. Missing text from the conversation or in-game menu: (SOLVED)

    This can be fixed by turning the Buffered Rendering off. This what exactly happens on my machine when the Buffered Rendering is turned off:

  2. Suspicious tremendous lighting effect (due to bezier/spline implementation -- that's what I found on previous pages). This is what it looks:

    The image above was taken when I used Fira. I tried changing the settings here and there, and still no luck Sad

  3. Overlapping text in battle screen (this is simply the most annoying one Confused). This is what it looks:

    As you can see above, everything is overlapping in the bottom battle screen. The cursor is still be able to move. It is simply hard to see your magic and/or items.

    Again, I tried changing everything with no luck resulted Sad

As I read from previous pages, everyone is having the first and the second problem.

The first one seems, currently and apparently, have no solution for AMD GPU. The second one is still in development investigation. But how about the third one, which is the overlapping text? Is everyone experiencing the same problem as I am?

This is the quick spec of my laptop:
OS: WIndows 7 x64
PPSSPP: v0.8.1
CPU: Intel i5 2520M
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (GT2+)
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