Poll: Should I get Maxwell gtx 970m (6gb) or should I wait to get a Pascal Gpu?
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Maxwell 970m vs Pascal ???
03-16-2016, 01:21 PM
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Maxwell 970m vs Pascal ???
So ive bickered for some time now, i7 4770k vs i7 6700HQ, Weather to get Eurocom, Egpu solutions etc. I've now boiled it down to one final question. Should I wait for pascal as its rumored to be x2 faster then Maxwell OR do i suck it up and get a laptop with a GTX 970m (6gb). My current laptop is 100% dead right now, as a result i've been using a macbook for all my work needs, however for my gaming needs it leaves much to be desired.

I want to know your guy's thoughts on the subject.

Thanks Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

DESKTOP: Windows 7 professional, Asus motherboard Z97, Intel i7 4790k 4.0 ghz - 4.4 ghz boost, 16 gb Cosair ram 128 GB SSD (primary HD) 1TB (secondary HD) EVGA Nvidia GTX Titan Black

LAPTOP: Windows 8, ASUS, intel i7 3630QM 2.4-3.4 ghz boost 12 gb of ram primary HD 1TB SSD secondary HD 750 gb hd nvidia gtx 670mx
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