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I got a REALLY REALLY GREAT idea for the developers
03-21-2013, 03:13 AM (This post was last modified: 03-21-2013 03:15 AM by The Infinity.)
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RE: I got a REALLY REALLY GREAT idea for the developers
(03-21-2013 02:46 AM)[Unknown] Wrote:  On my 3GS, I've only so far gotten memory warnings when doing a savestate. It may be running out of RAM, but it's a bad idea to build solutions off a complete guess that, if wrong, could just make things even worse...

Anyway, most operating systems (I'm not 100% sure about mobile ones) do this for you - it's called "swapping." For anything where performance matters at all, it's a bad thing. RAM is at least 10 if not 1000 times faster than Flash Memory, card, or disk. So if the emulator is actively swapping, you're guaranteed at best 1/10th the FPS you get now. Probably 1% or less.

So it's only a good idea if your phone is currently able to run PPSSPP at maybe 600 fps or more. That's not likely. Even on my powerful desktop and fast SSD, active swapping would probably make most games run under 60 fps, since most run between 600 - 1200 fps max, and my RAM is at least 30 times faster than my SSD (meaning I could expect a max of 20 - 40 fps at best.) This is just an estimate of course, it might be faster as long as my GPU wasn't affected by it.

If you think it is RAM, you might try closing all your background apps. Also consider trying Carat:

I know that MobileCal and Skype are often big offenders for my phone.


But at least the game will run and its just an option in the settings menu , so if you want your game running but you don't care about your flash memory life and the game speed just activate it .

I'm just giving some advices about the next update if there will be .
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