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Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
08-10-2017, 03:02 PM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2017 03:04 PM by noabody.)
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RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
I wouldn't know how.

One sees the reoccurring statement every place cheats are found, "There aren't enough codes for this or could you convert that."

I've personally accepted that people provide what they discover when they are driven to search but it is rare to find an individual that is willing, or able, to do more. That these folks chose to share what they found is truly a gift that I am thankful for.
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08-11-2017, 03:03 PM (This post was last modified: 09-30-2017 01:18 AM by noabody.)
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RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
Finally fixed this based on the information in the thread. PPSSPP, RAM dump, search for the hex names for each character as noted below.

Some characters duplicate and reuse positions between main game and After Years which I've denoted with a slash and the character name followed by AY. With so many character positions it was easier to conglomerate HP/Max MP/Max into one code. The character will show MP even if they can't use magic.

0B    a
0C    b
0D    c
0E    d
0F    e
10    f
11    g
12    h
13    i
14    j
15    k
16    l
17    m
18    n
19    o
1A    p
1B    q
1C    r
1D    s
1E    t
1F    u
20    v
21    w
22    x
23    y
24    z
25    A
26    B
27    C
28    D
29    E
2A    F
2B    G
2C    H
2D    I
2E    J
2F    K
30    L
31    M
32    N
33    O
34    P
35    Q
36    R
37    S
38    T
39    U
3A    V
3B    W
3C    X
3D    Y
3E    Z
FD    Space
27 0F 0D 13 16    Cecil
2F 0B 13 18    Kain
2C 19 19 0E 0F 0E FD 31 0B 18    Hooded Man
36 19 1D 0B    Rosa
36 23 0E 13 0B Rydia
27 13 0E    Cid
38 0F 16 16 0B 12    Tellah
29 0E 21 0B 1C 0E    Edward
3D 0B 18 11    Yang
34 0B 16 19 17    Palom
34 19 1C 19 17    Porom
29 0E 11 0F    Edge
2A 1F 1D 19 23 0B    Fusoya
27 0F 19 0E 19 1C 0F    Ceodore
39 1C 1D 1F 16 0B    Ursula
30 1F 0D 0B Luca
30 0F 19 18 19 1C 0B    Leonora
2C 0B 1C 16 0F 23    Harley
2B 0F 15 15 19 1F    Gekkou
2D 24 0B 23 19 13    Izayoi
3E 0B 18 11 0F 1E 1D 1F    Zangetsu
38 1D 1F 15 13 18 19 21 0B    Tsukinowa
27 0B 16 0D 0B    Calca
26 1C 13 18 0B    Brina
2B 19 16 0C 0F 24    Golbez
_C0 Cecil Max
_L 0x103F742C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F742E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7430 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7432 0x000003E7
_C0 Kain/Hooded Man Max
_L 0x103F759C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F759E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F75A0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F75A2 0x000003E7
_C0 Rosa Max
_L 0x103F770C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F770E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7710 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7712 0x000003E7
_C0 Rydia Max
_L 0x103F787C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F787E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7880 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7882 0x000003E7
_C0 Cid Max
_L 0x103F79EC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F79EE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F79F0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F79F2 0x000003E7
_C0 Tellah/Edward AY Max
_L 0x103F7B5C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7B5E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7B60 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7B62 0x000003E7
_C0 Edward/Yang AY Max
_L 0x103F7CCC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7CCE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7CD0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7CD2 0x000003E7
_C0 Yang/Palom AY Max
_L 0x103F7E3C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7E3E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7E40 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7E42 0x000003E7
_C0 Palom/Porom AY Max
_L 0x103F7FAC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7FAE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F7FB0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F7FB2 0x000003E7
_C0 Porom/Edge AY Max
_L 0x103F811C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F811E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8120 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8122 0x000003E7
_C0 Edge/Fusoya AY Max
_L 0x103F828C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F828E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8290 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8292 0x000003E7
_C0 Fusoya Max
_L 0x103F83FC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F83FE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8400 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8402 0x000003E7
_C0 Ceodore Max
_L 0x103F856C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F856E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8570 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8572 0x000003E7
_C0 Ursula Max
_L 0x103F86DC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F86DE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F86E0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F86E2 0x000003E7
_C0 Luca Max
_L 0x103F884C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F884E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8850 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8852 0x000003E7
_C0 Leonora Max
_L 0x103F89BC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F89BE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F89C0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F89C2 0x000003E7
_C0 Harley Max
_L 0x103F8B2C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8B2E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8B30 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8B32 0x000003E7
_C0 Kain Dark AY Max
_L 0x103F8C9C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8C9E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8CA0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8CA2 0x000003E7
_C0 Gekkou Max
_L 0x103F8E0C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8E0E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8E10 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8E12 0x000003E7
_C0 Izayoi Max
_L 0x103F8F7C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8F7E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F8F80 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F8F82 0x000003E7
_C0 Zangetsu Max
_L 0x103F90EC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F90EE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F90F0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F90F2 0x000003E7
_C0 Tsukinowa Max
_L 0x103F925C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F925E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F9260 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F9262 0x000003E7
_C0 Calca Max
_L 0x103F96AC 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F96AE 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F96B0 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F96B2 0x000003E7
_C0 Brina Max
_L 0x103F981C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F981E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F9820 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F9822 0x000003E7
_C0 Kain Holy AY Max
_L 0x103F998C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F998E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F9990 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F9992 0x000003E7
_C0 Golbez Max
_L 0x103F9F4C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F9F4E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103F9F50 0x000003E7
_L 0x103F9F52 0x000003E7
_C0 Cecil Mute AY Max
_L 0x103FA95C 0x0000270F
_L 0x103FA95E 0x0000270F
_L 0x103FA960 0x000003E7
_L 0x103FA962 0x000003E7
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08-12-2017, 02:51 PM
Post: #33
RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
(08-10-2017 03:02 PM)noabody Wrote:  I wouldn't know how.

One sees the reoccurring statement every place cheats are found, "There aren't enough codes for this or could you convert that."

I've personally accepted that people provide what they discover when they are driven to search but it is rare to find an individual that is willing, or able, to do more. That these folks chose to share what they found is truly a gift that I am thankful for.
No problem. Someone else already sorted it out for me. Thanks.
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09-28-2017, 05:28 PM (This post was last modified: 10-15-2017 02:26 PM by noabody.)
Post: #34
RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
Main game items:
(Enable both codes and use Gyshal whistle, in item slot 48, to call Fat Chocobo and transfer items of interest)
_C0 Whistle for Fat Chocobo
_L 0x203FAF6C 0x006200ED
_C0 Fat Chocobo All Items x98
_L 0x403FAF70 0x00180001
_L 0x00620001 0x00000001
_L 0x403FAFD0 0x00AE0001
_L 0x0062001A 0x00000001
_L 0x403FB288 0x00250001
_L 0x006200C9 0x00000001
_L 0x403FB31C 0x000A0001
_L 0x006200FC 0x00000001
_L 0x403FB344 0x00230001
_L 0x00620116 0x00000001
_L 0x203FB3D0 0x00620142

All After years items:
_C0 AY All Items (sort)
_L 0x8079425C 0x00C60001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x007943E8 0x00000062
_L 0x807943EC 0x00240001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x80794452 0x003C0001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x007944CA 0x00000062
_L 0x007944DE 0x00000062
_L 0x807944E4 0x00280001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x8079453C 0x00280001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x007945A2 0x00000062
_L 0x807945A6 0x00180001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x807945E8 0x001C0001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000
_L 0x00794620 0x00000062
_L 0x80794624 0x000A0001
_L 0x10000062 0x00000000

FYI: Usage of "Emergency Exit" isn't always limited by area. Warping out of a dungeon before reaching certain triggers can, at best, lead to humorous effects and, at worst, be game breaking.
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09-30-2017, 06:16 PM (This post was last modified: 10-12-2017 07:17 PM by noabody.)
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RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
Move speed:
(Can remove joker but nice to hold x for normal speed)
_C0 Move x1
_L 0x200E3C6C 0x8C900030
_C0 Move x2 Hold X Norm
_L 0x200E3C6C 0x24100004
_L 0xD0000000 0x10004000
_L 0x200E3C6C 0x8C900030
_C0 Move x4 Hold X Norm
_L 0x200E3C6C 0x24100008
_L 0xD0000000 0x10004000
_L 0x200E3C6C 0x8C900030

Last two digits on first line of other than x1 code:
02 normal
04 2 times
08 4 times
10 8 times
20 16 times

After Years:
(doesn't work on overworld)
_C0 AY Move x2
_L 0x100A10AC 0x00000008
_L 0x100A10B4 0x00000008
_C0 AY Move x4
_L 0x100A10AC 0x00000010
_L 0x100A10B4 0x00000010
_C0 AY Dash x2
_L 0x100A10A4 0x00000008
_L 0x100A10B8 0x00000008
_C0 AY Dash x4
_L 0x100A10A4 0x00000010
_L 0x100A10B8 0x00000010

Last two digits on both lines of after years code:
04 normal (1x)
05 dash (2x)
08 4 times
10 8 times
20 16 times
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10-21-2017, 10:43 AM
Post: #36
RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
How do "prayer modifiers" work?
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12-18-2017, 12:45 AM
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RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
I cant even begin to make heads or tails of this coding stuff. i have enough trouble figuring out hex coding for the ps1.

the thought crosses my mind to just use the all item codes. on 1 character. but i dont want to break the game. i just want to get my grubby little mits on those hard to get items like the tails and the doll parts, some extra adamantite. and a few other goodies

if i put up the digits of the items i was after would somebody on here be able to convery them into the right format for use with the psp custom firmware cwcheat software?
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12-19-2017, 10:06 PM
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RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
Quote:I don't understand how to substitute the index code for the item I want, I'm new to this whole thing. Basically, I don't want to break the game and get every item I just want a very specific code for the Mythril Nuts and Mythril Bolts so I don't have to grind for them. If someone could help me out I'd be greatly appreciative.

Edit - I brute forced it to get the codes I wanted. Here they are for anyone else looking for this specific code set.
_C0 98 Kokkol Ore
_L 0x0079452C 0x00000062
_C0 98 Doll Parts
_L 0x00794538 0x00000062
_L 0x0079453A 0x00000062

Ladies and Gents i'm back again.

and thanks to some posts by Zero_Hawk on the 2nd page i think i've been able to calculate the item digit values to go along with the after years 98 of any item after sorting code.

is there any chance that somebody could tell me whether or not i'm right?

Flame Claws    42BA
Ice Claws    42BC
Lightning Claws    42BE
Faerie Claws    42C0
Hell Claws    42C2
Cat Claws    42C4
Rod    42C6
Ice Rod    42C8
Flame Rod    42CA
Thunder Rod    42CC
Polymorph Rod    42CE
Faerie Rod    42D0
Stardust Rod    42D2
Lilith Rod    42D4
Staff    42D6
Healing Staff    42D8
Mythril Staff    42DA
Power Staff    42DC
Aura Staff    42DE
Sage's Staff    42E0
Rune Staff    42E2
Dark Sword    42E4
Shadow Blade    42E6
Deathbringer    42E8
Mythgraven Blade    42EA
Lustrous Sword    42EC
Excalibur    42EE
Flame Sword    42F0
Icebrand    42F2
Defender    42F4
Blood Sword    42F6
Ancient Sword    42F8
Sleep Blade    42FA
Stoneblade    42FC
Spear    42FE
Wind Spear    4300
Flame Lance    4302
Ice Lance    4304
Wyvern Lance    4306
Holy Lance    4308
Blood Lance    430A
Gungnir    430C
Kunai    430E
Ashura    4310
Kotetsu    4312
Kiku-ichimonji    4314
Murasame    4316
Masamune    4318
Assassin's Dagger    431A
Mage Masher    431C
Thorn Whip    431E
Chain Whip    4320
Blitz Whip    4322
Flame Whip    4324
Dragon Whisker    4326
Crescent Axe    4328
Dwarven Axe    432A
Ogrekiller    432C
Mythril Knife    432E
Dancing Dagger    4330
Mythril Sword    4332
Kitchen knife    4334
Ragnarok    4336
Shuriken    4338
Fuma Shuriken    433A
Boomerang    433C
Moonring Blade    433E
Dream Harp    4340
Lamia Harp    4342
None    4344
Poison Axe    4346
Rune Axe    4348
Mythril Hammer    434A
Gaia Hammer    434C
Wooden Hammer    434E
Avenger    4350
Bow    4352
Crossbow    4354
Great Bow    4356
Killer Bow    4358
Elfin Bow    435A
Yoichi Bow    435C
Artemis Bow    435E
Iron Arrows    4360
Holy Arrows    4362
Fire Arrows    4364
Ice Arrows    4366
Lightning Arrows    4368
Blinding Arrows    436A
Poison Arows    436C
Silencing Arrows    436E
Angel Arrows    4370
Yoichi Arrows    4372
Medusa Arrows    4374
Artemis Arrows    4376
None    4378
Iron Shield    437A
Dark Shield    437C
Demon Shield    437E
Lustrous Shield    4380
Mythril Shield    4382
Flame Shield    4384
Ice Shield    4386
Diamond Shield    4388
Aegis Shield    438A
Genji Shield    438C
Dragon Shield    438E
Crystal Shield    4390
Iron Helm    4392
Dark Helm    4394
Hades Helm    4396
Demon Helm    4398
Lustrous Helm    439A
Mythril Helm    439C
Diamond Helm    439E
Genji Helm    43A0
Dragon Helm    43A2
Crystal Helm    46A4
Leather Cap    43A6
Feathered Cap    43A8
Wizard's Hat    43AA
Sage's Miter    43AC
Gold Hairpin    43AE
Ribbon    43B0
Headband    43B2
Green Beret    43B4
Black Cowl    43B6
Glass Mask    43B8
Iron Armor    43BA
Dark Armor    43BC
Hades Armor    43BE
Demon Armor    43C0
Knight's Armor    43C2
Mythril Armor    43C4
Flame Mail    43C6
Ice Armor    43C8
Diamond Armor    43CA
Genji Armor    43CC
Dragon Mail    43CE
Crystal Mail    43D0
Clothing    43D2
Leather Clothing    43D4
Gaia Gear    43D6
Sage's Surplice    43D8
Black Robe    43DA
Luminous Robe    43DC
White Robe    43DE
Power Sash    43E0
Minerva Bustier    43E2
Prison Garb    43E4
Bard's Tunic    43E6
Kenpo Gi    43E8
Black Belt Gi    43EA
Adamant Armor    43EC
Black Garb    43EE
Iron Gloves    43F0
Dark Gloves    43F2
Hades Gloves    43F4
Demon Gloves    43F6
Gauntlets    43F8
Mythril Gloves    43FA
Diamond Gloves    43FC
Giant's Gloves    43FE
Genji Gloves    4400
Dragon Gloves    4402
Crystal Gloves    4404
Iron Armlet    4406
Ruby Ring    4408
Silver Armlet    440A
Power Armlet    440C
Rune Armlet    440E
Crystal Ring    4410
Diamond Armlet    4412
Protect Ring    4414
Cursed Ring    4416
Bomb Fragment    4418
Bomb Crank    441A
Antarctic Wind    441C
Arctic Wind    441E
Zeus's Wrath    4420
Heavenly Wrath    4422
Stardust Rod    4424
Lilith's Kiss    4426
Vampire Fang    4428
Bacchus's Wine    442A
Hermes Sandals    442C
Bronze Hourglass    442E
Silver Hourglass    4430
Gold Hourglass    4432
Spider Silk    4434
Decoy    4436
Red Fang    4438
White Fang    443A
Blue Fang    443C
Light Curtain    443E
Bomb Core    4440
Lunar Curtain    4442
Silent Bell    4444
Gaia Drum    4446
Crystal    4448
Coeurl Whisker    444A
Summon Book    444C
Bestiary    444E
Alarm Clock    4450
Unicorn Horn    4452
Potion    4454
Hi-Potion    4456
X-Potion    4458
Ether    445A
Dry Ether    445C
Elixir    445E
Phoenix Down    4460
Gold Needle    4462
Maiden's Kiss    4464
Mallet    4466
Diet Ration    4468
Echo Herbs    446A
Eye Drops    446C
Antidote    446E
Cross    4470
Remedy    4472
Siren    4474
Golden Apple    4476
Silver Apple    4478
Soma Drop    447A
Tent    447C
Cottage    447E
Lustful Lali-Ho    4480
Emergency Exit    4482
Gnomish Bread    4484
Goblin    4486
Bomb    4488
Cockatrice    448A
Mindflayer    448C
Gysahl Greens    448E
Member's Write    4490
Gysahl Whistle    4492
Carnelian Signet    4494
Baron Key    4496
Sand Pearl    4498
Earth Crystal    449A
Magma Stone    449C
Luca's Necklace    449E
Whisperweed    44A0
Dark Crystal    44A2
Rat Tail    44A4
Adamantite    44A6
Frying Pan    44A8
Pink Tail    44AA
Lugae's Key    44AC
Dark Matter    44AE
Godhand    44B0
Apollo's Harp    44B2
Triton's Dagger    44B4
Seraphim's Mace    44B6
Thor's Hammer    44B8
Lightbringer    44BA
Index Finger    44BC
Excalipoor    44BE
Abel's Lance    44C0
Flare Sledgehammer    44C2
Dragoon Gloves    44C4
Hanzo's Gloves    44C6
Martial Armlet    44C8
White Ring    44CA
Mist Ring    44CC
Harmony Ring    44CE
Twin Stars    44D0
Summon Book LO    44D2
Summon Book LL    44D4
Summon Book LA    44D6
Summon Book LS    44D8
Summon Book LI    44DA
Summon Book LR    44DC
Summon Book LT    44DE
Summon Book LB    44E0
Summon Book LD    44E2
Brave Suit    44E4
Red Jacket    44E6
Sage's Robe    44E8
Robe of Lords    44EA
Grand Armor    44EC
White Tiger Mask    44EE
Red Cap    44F0
Hypnocrown    44F2
Cat-Ear Hood    44F4
Grand Helm    44F6
Nirvana    44F8
Asura's Rod    44FA
Sasuke's Katana    44FC
Mutsunokami    44FE
Mystic Whip    4500
Perseus's Bow    4502
Perseus's Arrows    4504
Tiger Fangs    4506
Dragon Claws    4508
Loki's Lute    450A
Rising Sun    450C
Assassin's Dagger    450E
Gigant Axe    4510
Hog Call    4512
Hero's Shield    4514
Rainbow Robe    4516
White Dress    4518
Chocobo Suit    451A
Tabby Suit    451C
Maximillian    451E
Caesar's Plate    4520
Dragoon Plate    4522
Assassin Vest    4524
Battle Gear    4526
Vishnu Vest    4528
Scrap Metal    452A
Purified Water    452C
Muddy Water    452E
Honey    4530
Firewood    4532
Torch    4534
Doll    4536
Raggedy Doll    4538
Key    453A
Megalixir    453C
Bloody Spear    453E
Requiem Harp    4540
Broadsword    4542
Longsword    4544
Iron Sword    4546
Coral Sword    4548
Bronze Shield    454A
Bronze Helm    454C
Steel Helm    454E
Bronze Armor    4550
Chainmail    4552
Plate Mail    4554
Javelin    4556
Trident    4558
Partisan    455A
Kingsword    455C
Falchion    455E
Training Garb    4560
Large Shield    4562
Turban    4564
Blue Tail    4566
Flan Ring    4568
Sprint Ring    456A
Hammer    456C
Boy's Clothes    456E
Girl's Clothes    4570
Knife    4572
Dagger    4574
Warrior's Clothes    4576
Clown's Clothes    4578
Mage's Clothes    457A
Angel's Clothes    457C
Circlet    457E
Mage's Robe    4580
Battle Axe    4582
Horned Armor    4584
Horned Helmet    4586
Tomahawk    4528
Kokkol Ore    452C
Whip    452E
Healing Rod    4530
Green Tail    4532
Agartite    4534
Mythril Spring    4536
Mythril Bolt    4538
Mythril Nut    453A
Bronze Breastplate    453C
Silver Breastplate    453E
Hyper Wrist    4540
Rose Twine Dress    4542
Metal Knuckles    4544
Kaiser Knuckles    4546
Red Tail    4548
Chakra Band    454A
Foot Ninja Gear    454C
Shinobi Gear    454E
Black Tail    4550
Psycho Spiral    4552
Member's Card    4554
VIP Card    4556
Wizard's Rodd    4558
Queen's Whip    455A
Queen's Tights    455C
Queen's Mask    455E
Queen's Gloves    4560
Protect Staff    4562
Mystic Veil    4564
Talisman    4566
Red Robe    4568
Single Star    456A
Kodachi    456C
Metal Boomerang    456E
Manji Shuriken    4570
Kogarasu    4572
Steel Headplate    4574
Purple Tail    4576
Chakram    4578
Goblin Mask    4580
Mist Wrap    4582
Treasure Hunter    4584
Crimson Cherry    4586
Wing Edge    4588
Rapid Ring    458A
Ring of Memories    458C
Amulet of Memories    458E
White Tail    4590
Whisperweed Seed    4592
Poet's Notebook    4594
Bard's Lyre    4596
Gil Bird Egg    4598
Silver Harp    459A
Sand Pearl    459C
Whisperweed Seed    459E
Poet's Notebook    4600
Bard's Lyre    4602
Gil Bird Egg    4604
Gil Band    4606
Economical Ring    4608
Damcyan Flowers    460A
Velour Coat    460C
Dark Harp    460E
Beret    4610
Gold Tail    4612
Silver Tail    4614
Muse Harp    4616
Officer's Hat    4618
Ice Whip    461A
Level Band    461C
Bronze Tail    461E
Exorcist's Gown    4620
Professor's Robe    4622
Dragoon Lance    4624
Cross Helm    4626
Bone Wrist    4628
Gray Tail    462A
Demon Slayer    462C
Obelisk    462E
Sledgehammer    4630
Ebony Robe    4632
Ebony Blade    4634
Ebony Tail    4636
Rare Band    4638
Master's Staff    463A
Proof of Courage    463C
Enhancement Sword    463E
Ladle    4640
Ramuh Staff    4642
Shiva Crystal    4644
Sylph Feather    4646
Chocobo    4648
Frying Pan    464A
Ladle    464C
Boltslicer    464E
Bone Mail    4650
Small Tail    4652
Smell Tail    4654
Small Tale    4656
Small Fail    4658
Rainbow Tail    465A
Recovery Rod    465C
-    465E
Fire Scarf    4660
Ultima Weapon    4662
Adamant Shield    4664
Adamant Helm    4666
Adamant Gloves    4668
Pink Armor    466A
Twin Stars    466C
Treasure Hunter v2    466E
Rapid Ring v2    4670
Gil Band v2    4672
Level Band v2    4674
Rare Band v2    4676
Limit Ring    4678
Reach Ring    467A
Provoke Ring    467C
Tokita Sword    467E
Akiyama Armor    4680
Final Outfit    4682
Blue Armor    4684
Discovery Book    4686
Crystal    4688
Lunar Shield    468A
Lunar Helm    468C
Lunar Mail    468E
Lunar Gloves    4690
Phase Cutter    4692
Phase Body    4694
Phase Helm    4696
Phase Knuckle    4698
Phase Shield    469A
Debug Ring    469C
Babil Sword    469E
Babil Lance    4700
Babil Whip    4702
Babil Bow    4704
Babil Rod    4706
Babil Dagger    4708
Babil Staff    470A
Babil Claws    470C
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12-22-2017, 11:08 PM
Post: #39
RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
OK no i've definately figured out how this stuff works with the codes

but there's 1 issue.

when i tested the codes i put in the first code for the after years items listed by aturtledoesbite

0x0079425A 0x00000063

but the 425A digit set coresponds to the x potion rather than the fire claws i was expecting
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01-27-2018, 10:33 AM
Post: #40
RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
So what does PP stand for anyways?
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08-06-2018, 04:24 PM
Post: #41
RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
(01-18-2016 01:26 AM)Zerberbuth Wrote:  Thanks for these codes. I'm trying to get those rare drop rate bonus cheats to work, however I am not too sure how they work. They mention prayer modifier +X% rare drop rate. Does the prayer thing refer the pray ability of Rosa? i.e. cast a successful prayer and you get the bonus?

I activated the cheat and nothing seems to have changed, killing enemies even with the +999900% cheat yields no drops after battles.


I too would like to know how this works. No one seems to have replied (although I may have missed a reply). There is also another post from someone else who would like to know how the prayer modifier works. I use the item drop 100% and sometimes I use the no encounter one, both without difficulty. Neither of those are prayer modifiers though.

So, again, PLEASE explain how this prayer modifier code is supposed to work. Thank you Smile
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12-19-2019, 04:49 PM
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RE: Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection
so if this thread is dead i apologize for bringing it up but i was hoping to find a few codes. im looking for a code that works for all 3 games. one that upon sorting the inventroy gives 90 of each nonkey item you have in the inventory. im also looking for codes for each game to refill the mp of your characters that works both in battle and outside of battle
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