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ppsspp windows 10 mobile port
05-19-2016, 09:19 AM
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RE: ppsspp windows 10 mobile port
(02-04-2016 12:46 AM)Ezequiel Gomes Wrote:  It's confirmed PPSSPP ON WINDOWS 10 MOBILE?
(12-18-2015 08:17 AM)vjjulius Wrote:  
(12-16-2015 12:39 PM)perneky Wrote:  Just a quick update for anyone interested.

I have PataPon and LocoRoco running on my Lumia 930. The speed is great for both, the sound is in place as well, so does the touch controls.

I have tweaked the MainScreen, removed the recent list, the browser, and replaced the Load... option with an Import... option, which puts up a file browser, where game files can be selected and imported into the game local folder. This is the only way to have sync file IO for the game files, but I think it should not be a problem. Some kind of progress bar still would be nice for the importing process.

I only have some GFX bugs left. The first is some kind of scaling problem, which happens when I think polygons getting rendered on top of a video. In this case the screen shrinks to the original PSP resolution.

The other is a kind of alpha problem, it looks like the texture alpha or drawing order is not always OK.

When can we taste this new PPSSPP app for Windows 10 mobile? is this available in GITHUB?

Perneky you are one of the developers of PPSSPP?

Any news???
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