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RANT: Disappointment with Apple
11-23-2015, 02:17 PM
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RE: RANT: Disappointment with Apple
(11-23-2015 03:16 AM)[Unknown] Wrote:  
(11-22-2015 07:08 PM)VIRGIN KLM Wrote:  2. Apple NEVER allows basic parts of their ecosystem to interact with competitors.

Not disagreeing with your post overall, but I will defend Apple slightly on this one: they do sometimes work toward interoperability. Definitely not always, and even "sometimes" would be a stretch, but "never" is a bit too harsh.

Of course, when they do, it's always because there's a very good reason to - and not a customer reason, that I've seen, but a strong business reason. It's not really surprising, unfortunately.


The only reason that they do it, as I said above, is because they are under pressure, there is not much harm for them and they still won't offer the same level of convinience and functionality compared to their products, never. Find me just one of their products/services that falls out of this rule.
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