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The Legend of Heroes - Trails in The Sky SC - NPUH-10191 & NPUH-10197 - Disc 1 & 2
08-27-2017, 02:54 AM (This post was last modified: 08-27-2017 07:04 PM by noabody.)
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RE: The Legend of Heroes - Trails in The Sky SC - NPUH-10191 & NPUH-10197 - Disc 1...
From information in this thread I noticed a derivative pattern that, if followed, yields these codes. I don't know if they work but the pattern is sound.

Remember, I'm a pattern matcher, not a code finder. I let others do the heavy lifting.

_C0 Estelle Max Exp
_L 0x2045BBE0 0x000F423F
_C0 Joshua Max Exp
_L 0x2045BC1C 0x000F423F
_C0 Schera Max Exp
_L 0x2045BC58 0x000F423F
_C0 Olivier Max Exp
_L 0x2045BC94 0x000F423F
_C0 Kloe Max Exp
_L 0x2045BCD0 0x000F423F
_C0 Agate Max Exp
_L 0x2045BD0C 0x000F423F
_C0 Tita Max Exp
_L 0x2045BD48 0x000F423F
_C0 Zane Max Exp
_L 0x2045BD84 0x000F423F
_C0 Kevin Max Exp
_L 0x2045BDC0 0x000F423F
_C0 Anelace Max Exp
_L 0x2045BDFC 0x000F423F
_C0 Josette Max Exp
_L 0x2045BE38 0x000F423F
_C0 Mueller Max Exp
_L 0x2045BE74 0x000F423F
_C0 Julia Max Exp
_L 0x2045BF28 0x000F423F

_C0 Estelle HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bbd0 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bbd4 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bbd8 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bbda 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bbdc 0x000000c8
_C0 Joshua HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bc0c 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bc10 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bc14 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bc16 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bc18 0x000000c8
_C0 Schera HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bc48 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bc4c 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bc50 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bc52 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bc54 0x000000c8
_C0 Oliver HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bc84 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bc88 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bc8c 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bc8e 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bc90 0x000000c8
_C0 Kloe HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bcc0 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bcc4 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bcc8 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bcca 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bccc 0x000000c8
_C0 Agate HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bcfc 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bd00 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bd04 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bd06 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bd08 0x000000c8
_C0 Tita HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bd38 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bd3c 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bd40 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bd42 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bd44 0x000000c8
_C0 Zane HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bd74 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bd78 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bd7c 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bd7e 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bd80 0x000000c8
_C0 Kevin HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bdb0 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bdb4 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bdb8 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bdba 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bdbc 0x000000c8
_C0 Anelace HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bdec 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bdf0 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bdf4 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bdf6 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bdf8 0x000000c8
_C0 Josette HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045be28 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045be2c 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045be30 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045be32 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045be34 0x000000c8
_C0 Mueller HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045be64 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045be68 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045be6c 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045be6e 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045be70 0x000000c8
_C0 Julia HP/EP/CP Max
_L 0x2045bf18 0x0000c350
_L 0x2045bf1c 0x0000c350
_L 0x1045bf20 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bf22 0x000000ff
_L 0x1045bf24 0x000000c8

_C0 Estelle Max Stats
_L 0x1045bbe4 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bbe6 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bbe8 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bbea 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bbec 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bbee 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bbf0 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bbf2 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bbfa 0x0000270f
_C0 Joshua Max Stats
_L 0x1045bc20 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc22 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc24 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bc26 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc28 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bc2a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bc2c 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bc2e 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bc36 0x0000270f
_C0 Schera Max Stats
_L 0x1045bc5c 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc5e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc60 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bc62 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc64 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bc66 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bc68 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bc6a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bc72 0x0000270f
_C0 Olivier Max Stats
_L 0x1045bc98 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc9a 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bc9c 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bc9e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bca0 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bca2 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bca4 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bca6 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bcae 0x0000270f
_C0 Kloe Max Stats
_L 0x1045bcd4 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bcd6 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bcd8 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bcda 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bcdc 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bcde 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bce0 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bce2 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bcea 0x0000270f
_C0 Agate Max Stats
_L 0x1045bd10 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd12 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd14 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bd16 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd18 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bd1a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bd1c 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bd1e 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bd26 0x0000270f
_C0 Tita Max Stats
_L 0x1045bd4c 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd4e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd50 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bd52 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd54 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bd56 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bd58 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bd5a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bd62 0x0000270f
_C0 Zane Max Stats
_L 0x1045bd88 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd8a 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd8c 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bd8e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bd90 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bd92 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bd94 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bd96 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bd9e 0x0000270f
_C0 Kevin Max Stats
_L 0x1045bdc4 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bdc6 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bdc8 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bdca 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bdcc 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bdce 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bdd0 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bdd2 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bdda 0x0000270f
_C0 Anelace Max Stats
_L 0x1045be00 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be02 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be04 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045be06 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be08 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045be0a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045be0c 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045be0e 0x00000050
_L 0x1045be16 0x0000270f
_C0 Josette Max Stats
_L 0x1045be3c 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be3e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be40 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045be42 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be44 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045be46 0x00000050
_L 0x1045be48 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045be4a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045be52 0x0000270f
_C0 Mueller Max Stats
_L 0x1045be78 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be7a 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be7c 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045be7e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045be80 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045be82 0x00000050
_L 0x1045be84 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045be86 0x00000050
_L 0x1045be8e 0x0000270f
_C0 Julia Max Stats
_L 0x1045bf2c 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bf2e 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bf30 0x000005dc
_L 0x1045bf32 0x00000834
_L 0x1045bf34 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bf36 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bf38 0x0000270f
_L 0x1045bf3a 0x00000050
_L 0x1045bf42 0x0000270f
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