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about ppsspp performance with ffiv - snapdragon 801 vs 808 vs 810...
10-24-2015, 09:14 AM (This post was last modified: 10-24-2015 09:15 AM by renejr902.)
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about ppsspp performance with ffiv - snapdragon 801 vs 808 vs 810...
I tried a few phones recently , some of them were rooted and i use aero control to let cpu to max speed and performance mode.

But i cant get 100% speed without slowdown in Final Fantasy IV .

I WANT to use 3x PSP resolution and 3x PSP rendering for playing

i tried buffered and not buffered option. i used all option to gain speed. i tried with or without multi tread option....

Nexus 5: When using dark power with cecil and i killed more than 1 monster , i get a big slowdown while monsters died.

Same things with : Alcatel idol 3.

Same thing with Xperia Z3

I want to try it with a LG G4 - snapdragon 808..

Is the LG G4 snapdragon faster or slower than snapdragon 801 for ppsspp emulator ?? should i be able to play ff4 without slowdown with that lg g4 ?? or what about HTC m9 ( snapdragon 810)

i want to play FF4 with a PHONE ( not tablet) that can play it full speed.
If possible final fantasy type 0 full speed too.

( i know its not the ouyabause forum, but i can have 60 fps with saturn games with my nexus 5 but not with the alcatel idol 3 (40-45fps) what about lg g4 808 snapdragon or 810 snapdragon, should i get 60 fps with theses phones. i played legend of oasis recently. THANKS for answers)
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