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Unlimited storage for PPSSPP on your phone
08-20-2015, 04:56 AM
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Unlimited storage for PPSSPP on your phone
So after 2 loooong years I have finally gotten my dream to work...

that dream being have access to all my local Roms and ISOs stored on my PC which cannot possibly fit on my phone's memory anywhere I go as long as I have a 4G connection.

I did this by setting up Freetpd and running a SFTP server on my PC. I then used an app on Android to mount my entire PSP ISO collection to my Android memory as if it were local (so apps like PPSSPP can see it). This is worlds better than the cloud or an FTP server because in order to play games you are required to download them....and you may not have space.

This process makes it so you can effectively stream the games to your phone if you have a decent connection (does not take much data for me at all).

Now i only need to download games to my phone if I know I will be offline for an extended amount of time.

1. Rooted
2. Forward port 22 on your home network

Any ways here are the easy steps: (Every app and software below is free and features no ads)

1. Setup FreeFTPD on your PC (i am on windows 7 ):
2. Once installed add a user and specify a password with a directory where your games are stored (you can create multiple users if you like)
3. By default FreeFTPD wont time you out so dont change those settings
4. Install EasySSHFS from google play
5. Enter user name, password that you supplied to FreeFTPD for each of the accounts you setup
6. Enter your external IP address
7. For remote directory just use "/"
8. For mount directory you can use any mount in your extsdcard, sdcard or even a system file
9. Save and mount

The above should work but if you get stuck let me know and I can help troubleshoot. Also the apps developer is all very responsive.
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