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Monster Hunter Portable and Freedom unite Tutorial AD HOC
08-02-2015, 04:38 PM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2015 08:34 PM by vnctdj.)
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Monster Hunter Portable and Freedom unite Tutorial AD HOC
I see a lot of people asking for thing that we aswer almost all days, so i will share a GOOD tutorial. The boys on EvolveHQ do it.

THIS WORK ON EVOLVE TUNNGLE OR HAMACHI the only diference are the IPs copy the one you need

Thanks to Laxaria, Fauxhind ,Tywalina and Solitary. I want to thanks ZackVixAD too cause he set a bot and not only that, he do a Fusion of MHFU USA and EU games so dont matter version you use you can play MHFU with all the party (only on her bot) and this webpage for see the status of our party HunsterMonter Webpage

Well now the Full Guide

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[[PLAYING MONSTER HUNTER ONLINE]]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Please read the entire document. It teaches you how to set things up and answers many common questions asked in chat.

Please FOLLOW these instructions. If things don't work, it is often because you have not followed them correctly.
If you have tried three or four times and it still does not work, then ask in chat.

PS! Don't forget to check the FAQ section below!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[[SETUP INSTRUCTIONS]]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Things to download:

- PPSSPP v0.9.8-1394-g384d8e3 -

- Visual C++ 2013 runtime (required to run PPSSPP) -
Because of the crash when you sometimes join a GH on v0.9.9.1 in MHP3rd and "GH is full" bug in v1.0,
you should download the older version above because it neither have them. Use it in the meantime until they fix them!
Leave your feedback here so they can fix it!
- Evolve -

- Games

- MHP3rd HD ver.

- MHFU USA ver.

-Sorry dont ask for links to download the game, Forums rules-

1. Make an account on Evolve and install the client.

2. Join PoeoMang's Monster Hunter party by using this URL:

1. Extract your PPSSPP download to any folder (all builds are standalone), and optionally copy your save data to
\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA after running the emulator at least once to create the folders.

2. Disable Fast Memory. [Settings > System] -

3. Enable Networking/WLAN. [Networking > System] -

4. Set your nickname. Default is "PPSSPP". [Settings > System] -

Why? So your name will appear here! -
You should use the same name as you use on Evolve to not cause confusion!

5. Copy the host's IP (usually ZackVixBotHost's) and paste it into [Settings > Networking > Change proAdhocServer IP Address]

6. Change your MAC address from the standard 01:02:03:04:05:06 to a random one [Settings > System > Change MAC Address]
Use this website and check
It's important that each pair of hexadecimals are separated by colons and not hyphens!

7. Make sure that Evolve and PPSSPP have firewall exceptions. Otherwise, disable your firewall.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[[HOST INFORMATION]]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

ZackVixACD has opened a 24/7 server bot called "ZackVixBotHost". Copy the IP by right clicking on
ZackVixBotHost in the list to the right of the chat and click on "Copy IP address". Like this:
You can check the server status at
or the one from your VPN program like tunngle or hamachi

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[[USEFUL DOWNLOADS]]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

MHP3rd Translated Event Quests (DLC):

Download Link:

Extract the "ULJM05800QST" folder into \memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA folder

Athena's Armor Set Search For MHFU:

Athena's Armor Set Search For MHP3rd:

Make sure you download the latest version, 1.49b and don't forget to select TMO as the language:

Original PSP fonts:
For comparisons - PSP font: | PPSSPP font:
Edit by vnctdj : The font files from the PSP are copyrighted... We can't distribute them. However you can copy the fonts from the flash0 of your own PSP to PPSSPP Smile
Installation: Copy "font" to \flash0 and overwrite all files. Tip: Set flash0 folder on read-only afterwards.


[Link censored]
Edit by vnctdj : PAUTH files are part of the game, therefore they are copyrighted... We can't distribute them.
The proper procedure to get PAUTH files has been described by LunaMoo in the following post >> Smile

This is for decrypting the original MHP3rd PSP iso (not HD version). Make a PAUTH folder in \ppsspp\memstick and copy your files in it.

MHP3rd G-rank Custom Quests by miknibus:
Go to for more information.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Q: Why is MSVCP120.dll missing?
A: Install Visual C++ 2013 runtime or Update PPSSPP to v1.0.

Q: Why am I always breaking off from people during quests?
A: There are many reasons why you are breaking off from groups. These are the most common solutions:

1. Make sure you have at least PPSSPP v0.9.8-890-g1445d5a or newer and follow the set-up instructions above.

2. Make sure PPSSPP and Evolve have firewall exceptions. There can be more than 1 instance for PPSSPP and Evolve, and all
of them need firewall exceptions

3. Do not use the alternative speed trick, or turn on your speed toggle while with other people.

4. Ping the people by right clicking their names on Evolve. If it is really high, or you see "Request Timed Out", then
you are prone to breaking off due to a poor connection to them. Try restarting the Evolve Client or your router.
Sometimes, if you live too far from others, you will be more prone to breaking due to higher ping values.

Q: Why do I get "PPSSPP has stopped working" or break from quest when I depart on a quest?
A: Disable Fast Memory. [Settings > System] -

Q: Why do I keep getting communication errors?
A: Make sure you have the correct host IP. If you see "Connecting..." under the host's name, or get repeated
"Request Timed Out" when pinging or Evolve say that everyone are offline, try rejoining the party on Evolve.

Q: Why do I not see anyone in the guild halls on MHP3rd?
A: Make sure you joined the correct guild hall and that you are using the correct IP. We make the groups in the Evolve party chat
before entering a guild hall. We will tell which guild hall we will be in and what IP we will be using.

Q: Why does nothing happen when I try to go to the guild hall? I hear sound and game seems to be running,
but nothing comes up and I can't move.
A: Check your MAC address, it's probably formatted wrong or invalid characters.
Click once on "Change MAC address" [Settings > Networking > Change MAC address] and it should generate a new one for you.

Q: Why can't I see other people in the MHFU gathering hall?
A: Make sure everyone is using the same region game (EU won't work with US etc).
Also make sure that you have joined the correct guild hall and that you are using the correct IP.

Q: How do I convert my MHFU saves to the US version of the game?
A: Back up your existing MHFU EU save file, it's called "MHP2NDG.BIN" and is inside "\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULES01213".
Start a new game with MHFU US and save a character. Go into the save folder for the US version which is inside
"\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA\ULUS10391" and paste your existing MHFU save file into that folder. Overwrite all files.
You can also just rename "ULES01213" folder to "ULUS10391".

Q: Who is the host?
A: ZackVixBotHost is hosting 24/7, sometimes Evolve can crash and in that case somebody else will take over for awhile.
Ask politely in chat, don't spam. We usually tell the person's name so you can copy it yourself by finding the person to the right
of the chat and right click his/her name and choose "Copy IP Address" or we say the last digits of the IP, e.g ".14".
Since everybody's IP starts with 10.155.24.XX, when we say ".14" you change "XX" into "14".
The host can change throughout the day.

Q: Why do I see blue dots in Evolve?
A: Blue dots mean that Evolve is relaying your connection to them (you are not directly connected to them). Make sure Evolve has
firewall exceptions. If everything is set up correctly for you, it may be their problem.

Q: Why does Evolve say I am partially connected to the party network?
A: It means that you aren't connected to everybody in the party. Enable UPNP or NAT-PMP on your router (Google for instructions).
If everything is correctly set up for you, it is likely a problem on someone else's end.
You can ignore this error most of the time.But cant when you wanna play with the one being disconnected for you

Q: Why is everyone showing "Connecting..." on Evolve?
A: Let Evolve load for a little bit. It takes some time for all connections to load. Alternatively, you can:
1. Restart the Evolve Client.
2. Go to Evolve Preferences, go to the Features tab, uncheck the Party System tickbox, save the settings, then go back
and re-check the Party System tickbox.

Q: Why do I see a black screen loading Monster Hunter Portable 3rd?
A: You need Monster Hunter Portable 3rd _HD_.

Q: Can I host my own server?
A: Yes you can. Read the instructions at the bottom of this page. However, it is confusing if two or more people host public servers
in the same Evolve party. You can host your own private server, but avoid advertising it.

Q: How do I add a firewall exception?
A: Windows 7:
Windows 8:

Q: How do I turn off Windows Firewall?
A: Windows 7 and 8:

If you're still having connectivity problems, go through your settings again and reload Evolve and your emulator. You can also try forwarding these ports: 10000, 20001, 20002, 20003, 20004, 27312 (Look for your router model on to find out how)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[[HOSTING A SERVER]]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


Since PPSSPP v1.0 you can host your own Ad-Hoc server by enabling the emulator's built-in Ad-Hoc!
[Settings > Networking > Change Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server] -
Copy your own Evolve IP and put it inside the emulator, tell other people to do the same if you want them to join your server.

If you want to only host Ad-Hoc you can still use the old method below:

Instructions for hosting a private server:

1. Download Ad-Hoc Server:

2. Extract it anywhere you want. Just remember where it is Wink

3. Start the server by opening the AdhocServer.exe. Keep the application open at all times if you're hosting.

4. Make sure the AdHocServer has a firewall exception. Otherwise, disable your firewall.

5. Go to /r/MonsterHunter Evolve party:
and find your IP address. This can be found right next to your name, at the right side of the Party chat under "Members".

6. Open PPSSPP and go to Settings > System > Networking and change your proAdhocserver IP address to your own Evolve IP.

7. Once you've done all the previous steps, just ask players to use your IP in order to join you.

Things to consider when hosting a party in Evolve:

1. If you wish to host a private party for your friends, then you are free to do so. Otherwise, having 2 hosts in the same party
is pointless and can cause confusion.

2. If you run into problems such as "Communication error" when joining Online Halls or breaking off at the start of the hunt,
consult the Frequently Asked Questions section of this pastebin.


Original version by Solitary
EDITED: 04/09/2014 (Fauxhind)
EDITED: 10/09/2014 (Laxaria)
EDITED: 25/07/2015 (Tywalina)
Color,Align and style: 02/08/2015 - Yuu-Eucliwood/Inuyashaya

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