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Having Crashing/Rebooting Issues
07-25-2015, 09:49 AM
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Having Crashing/Rebooting Issues
This may be an out of place question but I've searched and searched and couldn't find an answer anywhere else.

I've used PPSSPP on my iPod and an older Android phone and it worked just fine on them, but I've installed it on my newer and better phone (as in better specs, same Android 4.4.2 OS) and I'm having issues with it.

These issues involve the program starting to load up but then causing the screen to stay black for a good one or two minutes, then rebooting my phone. I've tried doing many things that I thought would fix this problem, such as clearing the app's cache and forcing it to stop before loading it from the menu rather than a shortcut. However, nothing seems to work. I've managed to get the app up and running and it works beautifully, but when I can manage to get it running is seemingly random.

Sorry, I know it's a long winded question, but I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem or happens to know what to do about it.

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