Poll: How much time per week do you spend playing PPSSPP?
0 to 2 hours
3 to 7 hours
7 to 14 hours
15 to 21 hours
21 to 40 hours
more than 40 hours
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How often do you use PPSSPP?
07-05-2015, 10:36 PM
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How often do you use PPSSPP?
Hi everyone! I plan to write a paper about PPSSPP for my summer class, so I wanted to survey how people use PPSSPP.

Please answer the poll at the top.

Also, please make a post answering as many of these questions as you can:

1. How many days last week did you start up PPSSPP?

2. What games do you play using PPSSPP?

3. On what platform(s) do you use PPSSPP?

4. Is it difficult or easy to play your games? Why? I want to know whether it's incompatibility with your games or whether the controls just don't work out because of the platform you're using, etc.

5. How much do you play PSP games in comparison to games on other systems?

6. Do you try to make use of PPSSPP's Ad-Hoc Multiplayer feature? How well does is work for you? Was it easy to get working or difficult? Do you play with friends or find people using the forums or elsewhere?

7. Around when did you find out about and start using PPSSPP?

8. How did you find out about PPSSPP?

It will really help me if you respond! Thanks!
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07-06-2015, 08:58 PM
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RE: How often do you use PPSSPP?
1 I dunno what are you asking but i think you ask last time i play PPSSPP Today and i start playing when i create this account, this account is from march 21 2014

2 A lot of games but almost always All Monster Hunter persona 3 Portable FFVII Crisis core etc etc

3 i play on Windows seven

4 is easy just download set up the program and play

5 if you mean actually i just play PSP games if you mean on all mine life same time i play SNES PSX PS2 PS3 Family Sega Atari etc etc

6 I use Ad Hoc is the best feature. it works 100% without problems. it was easy to work the problem starts when you dont read and dont want to hear people hints or guides people do but if you and your friends has the setup for play all works. I play with friends and search people in the EvolveHQ there we have a big party for Monster hunter Players

7 21 march 2014 i find out and start there with the Persona 3 Portable game it is one of mine favorites games on PS2 later i find out mine favorite game can be played and WITH PEOPLE!! so i was all excited still playing it xD

8 Google tells me about it when was searching a good PSP emulator it was on beta when i start and not all games works well

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07-06-2015, 10:48 PM
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RE: How often do you use PPSSPP?
1. Pretty much daily. Rooted Android phone + DS3 = best poop sessions ever.
2. Currently playing Daxter. Also played Ratchet and Clank, Persona 3 Portable, Tactics Ogre, Castlevania X, Way of the Samurai and some others I don't remember.
3. Used to be PC, but nowadays it's just mobile.
4. With a proper controller, everything's fine. On my old phone I could only play Persona 3 Portable, because the touchscreen is a limitation.
5. I'd say it's about 1:4 against PPSSPP. I also own a gaming rig and a PS3, slowly awaiting its days to finally awaken and play Persona 5.
6. Nope. I don't like multiplayer.
7. I found out about it in version 0.3, started using it in 0.5. I was amazed they got that far in such a short time, and I'm still amazed that PPSSPP is pretty much perfect HLE in such a short time.
8. The old Dolphin forums. It was a thread along the lines of "OMG look at henrik's new emulator!!!"
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