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[Request] PS Vita backup PSP game support
06-22-2015, 09:19 PM (This post was last modified: 06-22-2015 09:34 PM by KickMeElmo.)
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[Request] PS Vita backup PSP game support
EDIT: Looked into it a bit, finally found some info, seems it's encrypted and this won't be feasible in the slightest. If somehow I've missed a major shift in the realm of possibility, I'm still all ears, but for now it seems I'll have to shell out for a working PSP if I want to be able to play my games comfortably.

First off, let me clarify that this is specifically for PSP games, it has nothing to do with the Vita other than storage format. I realize this may be impossible, or at least unreasonably difficult. I know little to nothing about the matter from a technical standpoint. Over time I've owned three PSPs, each died horribly through no fault of its own. I don't have access to one now. I do have a PS3, I do have a Vita, I have 71 PSP games on my PSN account at the moment, and the only way I can currently get them onto my PC is by downloading them to the Vita and using the content manager's copy to PC option. This produces the expected NPUG/SCUS/ULUS/etc folder name for each game, but beyond that nothing is usable. I've listed the folder contents of the game I tested below, in case it provides insight, and I can provide the files for analysis if it's useful. I did attempt simply changing the primary game file's extension to see if it was that simple, but it failed just as much as you'd expect it to.

PS Vita can back up PSP games to PC in a unique format, would be cool to be able to load those games in PPSSPP.

Directory structure of NPUG80135 (echochrome):
  • game
    • game.psvimg (25MB, actual game file)
    • game.psvmd (1KB, unknown contents)
  • license
    • license.psvimg (4KB, presumably license info for expirations and such)
    • license.psvmd (1KB, unknown contents)
  • sce_sys
    • icon0.png (4KB, standard game icon)
    • param.sfo (1KB, standard game parameters file)
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06-22-2015, 11:25 PM
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RE: [Request] PS Vita backup PSP game support
Why don't you use "media go" to download your psp games directly to pc as pkg?
For pkg's you can just use the Leecherman's PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor to extract eboot.pbp and play on ppsspp directly from that, or if you need iso the same program can dump it as well.

As you know seeing your edit - you can pretty much forget about any Vita stuff. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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06-23-2015, 12:17 AM
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RE: [Request] PS Vita backup PSP game support
That's exactly why I hate download content, because you don't really own those games ETC ETC, because if the hardware fails which in this case they have, then you end up with 71 games that you can't play any more, hence buying the games in a shop store, means you can sell them for a price, allowing you to buy new games for those systems you do still own, that are only just coming out. (You win both ways).
Also having the actual UMD's allows us to extract the .ISO's from our own games, to use in this wonderful emulator, of which is improving all the time, and not using the UMD's themselves, in which will increase in price as they become older, just like the prices of PS2 games at the moment are going through the roof, just look on Ebay for yourselves.
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