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PPSSPP on Chromebooks: An Almost Guide
06-22-2015, 06:24 PM
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RE: PPSSPP on Chromebooks: An Almost Guide
(06-22-2015 03:04 AM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Maybe it's possible to compile it for ChromeOS directly?

I can't post links so you get to read this instead

Is it possible to get a stack trace or anything from that crash? Hard to tell what's going wrong from "plugin.js" since I assume that's some ChromeOS thing (PPSSPP doesn't use any .js files.)

Although, I suppose the best thing would be compiling for nacl. Not sure how much work that would involve, might be easy as long as it's local...


Compiling directly requires dev mode so a no go sadly, but I did get the NaCl Dev Env bash console working. Now one more problem. Bash is hard. I do not understand it in the least. well, a bit, but not really. I'll keep looking into it, but in the meantime do you know anything about how to use NaCl or Bash? Also, which version should I try to compile with NaCl?
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